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Jessica is the head chef at G-8 Marine Base in the anime-only G-8 Arc. She is Vice Admiral Jonathan's wife.


Jessica is a young, beautiful, tall woman with blond hair and dark green eyes. As a Head Chef that works in a Marine base, she wears a typical Marine cook kitchen outfit along with a cook hat.


She was kind towards Sanji and Luffy, although she did not know that they were in fact part of the Straw Hat Pirates. As a Head Chef, she earned the respect of the other cooks that work with her. She gets angry whenever the other chefs are off task[1] and holds her job in high regard and expects her subordinate cooks to do the same, scolding those wasting time or slacking off. She is bossy and loves her job and her husband.


G-8 Arc

She captivates Sanji when he disguises himself as a Marine cook, but he teaches her a valuable lesson apart from cooking from the heart; that a good cook should never waste food just to use the best ingredients.

At the end, the Straw Hat Pirates escaped G-8, and she is surprised that they escaped. Jonathan tells her that his goal was to have G-8 working together, and thanks to the Straw Hat Pirates, it worked. She punches Shepherd when he threatens to shut down G-8.


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