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Jewelry Bonney,[7] also known as the "Big Eater", is a pirate and the captain of the Bonney Pirates. She and her crew originated from South Blue.[1] She is one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the Worst Generation,[8] and prior to the two-year timeskip had a bounty of Beli.png140,000,000.[1]


Bonney typically appears to be a slim, curvaceous young woman (despite the enormous amount of food she consumes regularly), with long light pink hair and brown eyes (purple in the anime). However, due to her Devil Fruit ability, she can alter her age and thus change her appearance at will.[9] When taking the form of a child, she has similar, although obviously more childish, facial features, and is not as tall nor as buxom as in her adult form.

Her outfit consists of a white low-cut tank top that exposes both her midriff and cleavage, along with a pair of orange-and-black striped buckled shorts with long, thin suspenders. She also wears black high-heeled boots which reach up to her calves, with large laces coming from the openings, and a pair of hot pink and dark red stockings with a yellow sun-like motif on them (a pattern seen other times in the One Piece world). The hat she wears is a green Furażerka with a light-green lining. She has an anti-eyebrow below her right eye, bright red lipstick on her lips, and is sometimes seen wearing a brown furred jacket.

In SBS Volume 64, Oda drew the Supernovas as children. Bonney is shown with shoulder-length hair as opposed to her current back-length hair and a rounder face. Her clothes and face are somewhat dirty showing that since childhood she had a huge appetite.[10]

After timeskip, Bonney is shown wearing a black hat (possibly a sunhat similar to Usopp's, judging by the rim) with a brown furred coat or cloak. She also uses pink lipstick as opposed to the red one before the timeskip.

During the Levely Arc, she shows to have the same clothes she wore before the timeskip, but replacing her previous hat with one with earmuffs, in addition to wearing her coat. Her white tanktop also has frills among the rim.


Main Series

Jewelry Bonney Portrait.png
Close-up of Bonney's face.
Jewelry Bonney's Manga Color Scheme Pre Timeskip.png
Bonney's color-scheme in the manga before the timeskip.
Jewelry Bonney's Manga Color Scheme Post Timeskip.png
Bonney's color-scheme in the manga after the timeskip.
Jewelry Bonney as a Child.png
Bonney as a child.
Young Bonney.png
Bonney after she makes herself younger with her Devil Fruit power.
Jewelry Bonney With Her Coat.png
Bonney with her coat on.
Bonney as Conney.png
Bonney as "Conney".


Jewelry Bonney Anime Concept Art.png
Bonney's concept art from the anime.
Bonney Digitally Colored Manga.png
Bonney in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Jewelry Bonney Super Grand Battle X.png
Bonney Jumputi.png
Bonney in Jumputi Heroes.
Bonney One Piece Stampede.png
Jewelry Bonney as a Male.png
Oda's depiction of Bonney as a male.
Bonney before timeskip on the cover of the disc One Piece Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise CD.
Jewelry Bonney's Wanted Poster.png
Bonney's wanted poster as seen in One Piece: Stampede.
Placole Bonney.png
Bonney's wedding dress from Placole Wedding Collaboration Dresses.


Bonney having a binge on food.

Befitting her epithet, Bonney is an extremely gluttonous person with very poor table manners. She will, for instance, demand more food even though she has not finished her current meal. She is usually seen eating pizza, her favorite food,[11] even when fighting or on the run.[1][12][13]

While Bonney may have a temper and acts rude, she has some common sense. She knows when to fight and when to prevent trouble, particularly in dangerous territories such as the Sabaody Archipelago. When she saw Zoro attempting to attack a World Noble, she orchestrated a scene to fake Zoro's death, knowing full well that such an action would have led to terrible consequences.[9] Bonney also believes in the stereotypical view of what a pirate should be and that they all should follow an unspoken agreement of not creating a stir in delicate situations. The idea of a pirate helping wounded strangers also leaves her dumbfounded.

Several instances suggest that Bonney has an unforgiving disposition towards those who wrong her, holding grudges and cursing their name occasionally. She swore to crush the Straw Hat Pirates for the chaos they brought to Sabaody[14] and appears to have a gripe with either the World Government, the Marines or the Blackbeard Pirates, blaming one of those parties for an unknown reason.[15]

Bonney may not be a pleasant individual, but she is capable of respecting others; particularly her fellow members of the Worst Generation, having show a keen interest in Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law's exploits.[16] She has a yet unidentified relationship with Bartholomew Kuma as well, and was heartbroken upon witnessing his brutal enslavement at Mary Geoise, proving she is not completely heartless.



Bonney seems to command utter respect from her crew, who will fulfill any need she may require, from her dietary needs to hunting down the one she deems responsible for the calamity during the Whitebeard War. Despite this loyalty, Bonney seems to prioritize her own safety as she managed to escape Marine detainment but chose not to rescue her subordinates.[6]

Rivals and Enemies

Being one of the Eleven Supernovas, Bonney can be counted on as a potential rival to any of the other 10 for the top position of the sea. She also stated that she will hunt down a certain person in the New World whom she blames as the one responsible for Whitebeard's death.[17]

Roronoa Zoro

Bonney first encounters Zoro when he stumbles into town and casually addresses Saint Charlos, prompting the latter to shoot. Being unaware of what was happening, Zoro almost killed him in retaliation. Fortunately, Bonney was able to restrain him and diffuse the situation by faking his death. While exasperated at how clueless Zoro could be for not knowing who Charlos is and the repercussions of killing him would be, she became even more confused when he picked up a man who had previously been shot by Charlos and carried him to a nearby hospital.[9]

Monkey D. Luffy

Though she and Luffy have yet to actually meet face-to-face, Luffy's actions during the Celestial Dragon incident have unintentionally garnered him Bonney's fury, a fury that even extended to the rest of the Straw Hats (though this may simply be due to her earlier interactions with Zoro, whose ignorance she had to put up with).[14]

However, when she was reading the newspaper about Doflamingo's defeat, she praised Luffy and Law for it.[13]

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Though she and Law have not encountered one another, she does admire him for his alliance's victory over the Donquixote Pirates.[13]

Marshall D. Teach

Blackbeard holds Jewelry Bonney prisoner.

Bonney also seems to bear some grudge against Marshall D. Teach, otherwise known as Blackbeard, for his role at triggering the Whitebeard War by defeating and handing over Portgas D. Ace to the World Government for the vacant Warlord of the Sea position. This hatred seemingly became more intensified after he and his crew dealt the final killing blows to Whitebeard, whom Bonney admired. She does not seem to fear him, even going so far as bad-mouthing him at point-blank range.[18]


World Government

Bonney has a mysterious connection to the world government that isn't entirely elaborated on. According to Akainu, she escaped from the World Government and that he would return her to them. She also appeared to be a part of the Levely under the alias "Dowager Conny". Bonny seemingly resents the Celestial Dragons for how they are treating Kuma.

Bartholomew Kuma

Bonney seemingly has some kind of as of yet unclear relationship to Kuma. However, the nature of said relationship seems to be a positive one as she shows an intense rage towards the World Government for enslaving him and allowing him to suffer abuse at the hands of the World Nobles.

Abilities and Powers

Bonney, for some unexplained reason, seems to be able to consume large amounts of food without any adverse effects on her body. No matter how much she eats, she is somehow able to metabolize all the food she ate without becoming full or even remotely fat.

Bonney has shown considerable physical abilities despite her slender frame. She was shown to be quite fast as she managed to tackle Zoro before he was able to attack Saint Charlos and sense his killing intent quickly enough to respond before he could attack. She and her crew were overpowered and captured by the Blackbeard Pirates, though she did manage to injure Marshall D. Teach, who is a monstrously durable man, by kicking him in the head and managed to even stun Douglas Bullet with a kick while using great agility to move in for another attack before withstanding being knocked around by his might.

Bonney appears to be a very skilled escape artist, as she has managed to escape from the World Government's possession twice. Likewise, she is skilled at infiltration, stealth, thievery, acting, and mindgames thanks to her Devil Fruit. She proved this when she successfully managed to infiltrate Mary Geoise by posing as one of the Levely attendees, a noteworthy feat considering that for most pirates, entering through Mary Geoise without being invited or enslaved is practically considered an impossible and unthinkable feat.

Devil Fruit

Bonney's power on a group of Marines.

Bonney ate a currently unnamed Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to manipulate the aging process, allowing her to freely make herself and others older or younger. She can use this power to disguise herself, as well as cripple opponents by rapidly aging her intended targets into their senior years or regressing them into small, weak children.[9] As a result of this ability, accurately determining her true age is difficult.[3]

Any target whose bodily age has been altered by this power still retains all of their memories cognitive abilities, as shown by the Marines and Bonney herself acting the same as normal, regardless of the age their body is showing them to be (though targets that have been reduced to toddlers have a tendency to cry as such).

This ability can also work on animals, and those that are affected have instinctual knowledge of what to do in at their new age. This was shown in the fight with Douglas Bullet, when she distracted him by transforming several eggs into a flock of birds that immediately knew how to fly.

It is rare (among Devil Fruit abilities) in that it does not affect the clothing of those she uses it on, though it is natural as clothes do not change in size even as they age. Bonney apparently wears skimpy clothing and suspenders so that her clothes will fit when she becomes a child, while a group of Marines affected by it became too small for their own clothing once aged down to children.

She may need her hands or direct physical contact to use her power, as Blackbeard kept her in line simply by chaining her hands to a post, though it is also possible that the chains were lined with seastone, preventing her from accessing her powers. This limitation is seen again when she needed to touch Douglas Bullet with her hand to affect him, but he managed to grab her leg to throw her away before her powers could take effect.

In the anime, one of these transformations is seen showing that her powers work through a process, rather than in a flash. She also briefly speaks a line in her adult voice while in child form after saving Zoro from Saint Charlos. She also glows pink while using her powers.



Not much is known at this point about her past, but she seems to have some sort of past history with the World Government, though this is unknown and somewhat unclear at the moment.[19]

Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

After a long voyage following one of the Log Pose routes of the Grand Line, Bonney and her crew came to the Sabaody Archipelago to prepare themselves for the New World. While there, she and her crew decided to eat in a restaurant located in Grove 24 of the mangrove. There, she ordered a big meal and disgusted the other customers with her appetite and bad table manners. She, in particular, disgusted Capone Bege and almost got into a fight with him and his crew if not for the temporary truce that they had to observe between them.[1]

Bonney becomes younger to prevent Zoro's attack on Saint Charlos.

After her meal and leaving the restaurant, she saw Roronoa Zoro about to attack a World Noble (Charlos) who shot at him. As Zoro evaded the shot and prepared to retaliate, Bonney leaped at Zoro and threw him down to the ground. While doing so, she subsequently called Zoro "her brother" and stated that he "died" (slapping some tomato juice onto Zoro's forehead to make it look so) at that moment from the shot fired from the World Noble in order to prevent an incident from happening, which could potentially cause an Admiral to be dispatched by the Marines to the archipelago. After the noble left, Bonney scolded Zoro for the stunt he pulled. As Zoro carried a man whom the noble shot to a hospital, Bonney wondered why a pirate would help people.[9]

Upon hearing of Monkey D. Luffy's attack on a World Noble, she became angry and said that if she ever sees the Straw Hats again in the New World, she would crush them there.[14] In the midst of her escape, she used her Devil Fruit abilities to turn any attacking Marines into children and old men.[20]

Marineford Arc

Bonney cries over the Whitebeard War.

Having successfully escaped the Marines' assault, Bonney remained on Sabaody and watched Portgas D. Ace's televised execution, the events of which brought her to tears.[21] After the transmission was cut, she and her crew sailed to the outskirts of Marineford and watched the Summit War from afar with other Supernovas. She remarked that the events of the war were all someone's fault, telling her crew to head to the New World to go after this person.[17]

Post-War Arc

Akainu arrests Bonney.

Almost immediately after entering the New World, Bonney's crew was defeated and she was taken hostage by the Blackbeard Pirates[22] and was offered to the Marines to be traded for a battleship as replacement. Blackbeard told Bonney that she is too weak to survive and that she is the first to be eliminated. He did offer her the chance to stay if she became his woman. Refusing to be further shamed, she angrily turned him down and kicked him (due only to having her hands restrained). Van Augur soon alerted Teach that the battleship arrived, but it was not there for a trade because Akainu was on board. Knowing that the trade would not happen, the Blackbeard Pirates fled, leaving Bonney and her crew behind to be arrested.

Akainu reached the shackled pirate and her crew and coldly informed Bonney that he was truly frightened when she escaped from the World Government but was glad she was back under their control. Bonney cried shouting that she will never forgive them.[23] Afterwards, she was taken to the Marine Headquarters, where she was lucky enough to make her escape unlike her crewmates.[6]

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

Bonney reads about Doflamingo "resigning" from the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

While eating a slice of pizza, Bonney read the news concerning Donquixote Doflamingo's supposed resignation from the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the newly formed pirate alliances.[12]

After Doflamingo's defeat, Bonney turned into an old woman, stole some pizza from a shop, ran away, and turned into a young child to avoid capture. While eating the pizza, she read about Luffy and Law's victory in the newspaper and praised their actions, stating how happy she was to be from the same generation as them.[13]

Four Emperors Saga

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece: Stampede

Bonney and her crew attended the Pirates Festival on Delta Island. She participated in the main event, the Treasure Race, safely sailing up the Knock Up Stream and landing on the central Treasure Island, where all the pirates raced for Gol D. Roger's treasure, all the while battling other Worst Generation members. When Buggy ended up exposing himself after snatching the treasure, Bonney and her crew chased after the Warlord. However, the Treasure Race was cut short, when someone threw a galleon at the island, destroying it, and sending everything plummeting back to the surface. When Bonney realized that the one who did this was Douglas Bullet, she was quite surprised. In the end, she gave into Bullet's taunting, and together with the other Worst Generation members (except for Zoro and Law) attacked the Demon Heir. At first the Worst Generation pirates managed to deal a few good blows on the veteran, but when the opponent revealed his Gasha Gasha no Mi powers, the battle quickly ended in their defeat.

Later, after Bullet was defeated, her crew along with the other Worst Generation pirates and several other crews attempted to breakthrough the Marines encirclement surrounding the island. They were able to successfully escape thanks to Sabo and Ann creating a blazing barrier to protect them.[24]

Concludes non-canon section.

Levely Arc

Bonney entered Mary Geoise by posing as the Queen Dowager Conney of the Sorbet Kingdom, one of the Levely attendees. She later went to the Celestial Dragon gate at the Pangaea Castle and snuck into the Domain of the Gods when the gate opened for an injured Charlos. While hiding from the Celestial Dragons, she saw how Rosward mistreated his slave, Bartholomew Kuma, and was extremely disgusted from seeing it.[2]

Major Battles

Filler Battles


Video Games

Playable Appearances

Support Appearances


  • In the 6th fan poll, Bonney ranked 68th.
  • Bonney is the only known female with the title of Super Rookie, and the only female in the Worst Generation.
  • She shares some similarities with Charlotte Linlin, as:
    • They are the only females within a certain league of famous and powerful pirates (Bonney with the Worst Generation and Linlin with the Four Emperors).
    • Both have pink hair and same lipstick.
    • Both are voracious eaters.
    • Both have Devil Fruit powers that affect others' lifespans.
    • Both have ships that have a sweets theme.
  • Bonney's blood type is F.[6]

SBS-Based Trivia

  • Bonney's birthday, September 1, comes from her epithet since 9-1 can be derived from Oo-gurai.[4]
  • Bonney's name was taken from the 18th century Irish woman Anne Bonny, a noble turned pirate who operated in the Caribbean.[25]
  • Bonney's favorite food is pizza Margherita, and her least favorite food is carrots.[11]
  • If One Piece was set in the real world, then Bonney would be from Australia.[26]
  • If Bonney was not a pirate, then she would be a pizza shop owner.[26]
  • Bonney's hobbies are eating food and playing Jenga.[27]
  • Bonney's flower resemblance is a fuchsia.[28]
  • Bonney's animal resemblance is a deer.[28]


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