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Jio-Ken is a martial art used by Lao G.[2]


Jio-Ken is a martial art style that allows practitioners to utilize strong and speedy attacks such as fists and kicks in their old age. The user's physical body becomes so strong, they are not affected by physical pain. The user can also utilize qigong to store up their energy from youth for future usage.[3]

Although seemingly for a comedic effect, Lao G can pull his soul back when he was apparently dead from senescence, coming back to life.[4]


  • Yotsu no Kamae (腰痛の構え Yōtsū no Kamae?, literally meaning "Lower Back Pain Stance"): Lao G takes a stance by bending his knees, leaning forward, and stretching his arms in front of himself while having both of his hands make the shape of the letter G.[5]
    • Me no Tsukare (目の突枯 Me no Tsukare?, literally meaning "Eye Stab Wither"): While in the Lower Back Pain Stance, Lao G jumps forward and strikes his opponents eyes. This technique was first used against Chinjao.[5] Me no Tsukare (目の疲れ?) means "eyestrain".
    • Kata Kori (型氷 (かたコリ) Kata Kori?, literally meaning "Form Ice"): While in the Lower Back Pain Stance, Lao G jumps forward and strikes his opponents shoulder. This technique was first used against Chinjao.[5] Katakori (肩こり?) means "stiff shoulders".
    • Fushi Bushi no Itami (不死武士の痛巳 Fushi Bushi no Itami?, literally meaning "Pain Snake of Undying Warrior"): While in Yotsu no Kamae, Lao G jumps forward and strikes all of his opponent's joints before landing behind his opponent. This technique was first used against Chinjao.[5] Fushibushi no Itami (節々の痛み?) means "joint pain".
  • Jioken Kyukyoku no Higi: Sento Ho-Ken (地翁拳究極の秘技戦闘保拳 Jioken Kyūkyoku no Higi: Sentō Ho-Ken?, literally meaning "Earth Old Man Fist Ultimate Secrete Technique: Battle Preservation Fist"): This technique allows Lao G to conserve his muscle powers from his youth, storing it for future use against any bodily degradation that may otherwise hinder his combat abilities such as injuries, sicknesses, and old age. After activating stored muscle power, Lao G's body enlarges, gaining drastically increased musculature, and releases black electricity from his body. His strength and speed increase dramatically, effectively returning his strength to his prime. He can use new techniques in this form.[3] This technique is very similar to Life Return and Gear Second. Hoken (保険?) means "insurance".
    • G no Kokuin (Gの刻印 Jī no Kokuin?, literally meaning "Seal of G"): After activating his stored muscle powers, Lao G dashes his enemy with high velocity and punches them with his G-shaped fist. Lao G leaves a G-mark on his enemy. It was first used to defeat Chinjao.[3]

Anime-Only TechniquesEdit

  • Hie Sho (冷重衝 Hie Shō?, literally meaning "Poor Circulation Strike"): While in his Yotsu no Kamae stance, Lao G strikes his opponent's abdomen with both fists, resulting in a powerful impact. This was first used against Chinjao.[6] Hieshō (冷え性?) means "sensitivity to cold".
  • Gikkuri Goshi (菊栗腰 Gikkuri Goshi?, literally meaning "Chrysanthemum Chestnut Strained Back"): While in his Yotsu no Kamae stance, Lao G kicks his opponent's lower back, causing them great pain. This was first used against Chinjao.[6] Gikkuri Goshi (ぎっくり腰?) means "strained back".
  • Sento Ho-Ken: Manki Kaiyaku (戦闘保拳 満鬼解焼 Sentō Ho-Ken: Manki Kaiyaku?, literally meaning "Battle Preservation Fist: Expiration Devil Withdrawal Immolation"): After activating Sento Ho-Ken, Lao G gathers all of his energy for a final blow, becoming surrounded by an aura of electricity in the process. The impact of the attack was not seen, as Sai interrupted it by kicking Lao G's hand before defeating him with his Kiryu Kirikugi.[6] Manki Kaiyaku (満期解約?) refers to cashing in an insurance policy for emergency funds.


  • "Battle Preservation Fist" is similar in the abilities of Master Roshi from Dragon Ball, who is able to restore his body to its former musculature.
  • In keeping with his character quirk, Lao G pronounces the 地 of 地翁拳 as "G"[7] (which is pronounced in Japanese), rather than the shorter Ji that Viola uses when first mentioning his ability.[2]


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