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Jose is an anime-only cook and is Carmen's second disciple.[1]


Jose with his eyes open.

Jose has a short, round body and a big nose, with his nostrils so big they can be mistaken for sunglasses. His eyes are very tiny, hiding behind his nostrils, and he has very thick lips. He also has short brown hair and wears a green matador suit with gold buttons and edging. Underneath his suit he wears a dark green dress shirt with a lighter green tie and green and grey shoes.


Jose is very cocky, since he is seen bragging about Carmen's cooking abilities. He is also very honest, as he corrected Carmen's statement about searching for Sanji for ten years when it was actually ten days.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As he is one of Carmen's disciples, Jose probably has at least proficient cooking abilities.[1]


Jose is seen carrying a red flag that he uses to distract other people. He is also seen carrying a polearm like object with an egg-beater for a head, but it is unknown if he can fight with it.[1]


Loguetown Arc

After Carmen stopped Sanji in his path, Jose and Leo introduced who they and their master were. Afterwards, Carmen ordered the two to explain to Sanji why she was looking for him, to which the two showed some pictures to Sanji and Jose explained that those were all famous East Blue cooks. After Carmen stated that she had searched for him for ten long years, Jose revealed that, in actuality, it had only been ten short days. Hearing this, Carmen then whacked him across the face with her frying pan for talking too much, flipping him to the floor. The two later recovered and carried off Carmen after she had spun herself around so much that she fainted from spinning around too much while challenging Sanji.

After the competition began, Leo and Jose stood by Carmen as she exclaimed that she would win. The two then tried to shoo Sanji away after he tried to kiss Carmen on the hand again.

During the final match between Carmen and Sanji, Leo and Jose tried to distract Sanji with their dancing; however, the latter payed no attention to them. The two then watched on as Sanji continued to finish up his cooking.

Afterwards, the two watched on as Carmen conceded defeat to Sanji. When Sanji kicked away Leo for hitting him for trying to hug Carmen, Jose then went to help Leo up and the two watched as Carmen told Sanji to prepare for their next meeting.[1]


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