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Jotto[2] is a character that made his first appearance in the third TV special One Piece episode. He is an actor and works with Randolph.[1]


Jotto is a large and muscular man with a black beard and black eyes. His hair is black and the top of his dead is the only part of his head that has hair. He wears a grey-purple T-shirt and blue jeans. He also wears big, brown boots.


He appears to be a kind man that respects others. He is easily moved by touching moments and he deeply cares about his friends.

Abilities and Powers

Jotto has not displayed any specific abilities but he appears to be quite strong since he was able to catch Randolph who was thrown by Luffy from a great distance.


Sky Island Saga

Protect! The Last Great Performance

He was first seen rehearsing with Randolph for his last performance. While taking a break, he started crying because he would never perform with Randolph again. When Lola and two other actors quit he was worried that the play would be canceled. When Nami stated that she and the rest of the crew would join them, he was content and started admiring her beauty. During the first act of the play, he performed with the rest of the actors until he was knocked out by accident. He seemed worried because the new actors started ruining the play but he was relieved when Randolph joined and everyone started admiring him. During the intermission, he was seen putting on makeup. When Randolph was beaten by Luffy, he helped him stand up and told him to get ready for the rest of the play.[3]


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