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Jube is an anime-only member of the Foxy Pirates. He is a squid fish-man.[1]

Due to his actions, he is a major antagonist during the Long Ring Long Land Arc's filler episodes.


Jube has black hair with a pointed-up ponytail, much like Ryuma's. He wears a light blue coat with white linings, the standard Foxy Pirates mask and has a light brown vest, a green sash, and dark purple shorts with fur linings. He also wears wrist-bands on all of his arms. His skin color is light pink.[1]


Jube in His Foxy Team Jersey.png
Jube in his Foxy Team jersey.
Jube Closeup.png
Jube's face close up.


Jube acts extremely cocky, bragging about being able to stop Nico Robin's powers, but is quite weak and spineless, since he cowers in fear of strong opponents like Luffy and Zoro and doesn't put up a fight.

Abilities and Powers

Jube entangles Nico Robin with his eight arms

As a fish-man, Jube has ten times the strength of a normal human. His fighting style is to primarily tangle with his opponents. He is personally immune to Robin's powers since, being a mollusk fish-man, he does not have an ordinary skeletal system and thus wasn't affected by her Clutch moves.


  • Mucha Karamete (ムチャ絡め手 Mucha Karamete?, literally meaning "Nonsense Entwining Hand"): Jube entangles his opponent with his eight arms to prevent them from moving.


Long Ring Long Land Arc

Jube confronting Robin.

Jube appeared in the Hit and Dead Ball and Run Roller Around Race segments of the Davy Back Fight. He attacked Nico Robin multiple times due to her Devil Fruit power but was knocked out by Luffy the first time and intimidated by Zoro the second, making it possible for the Straw Hat Pirates to win the race.[2]

Later in the Hit and Dead Ball game, Jube and Girarin were the two players on Foxy's team to start and were directly against Zoro and Chopper. The two fish-men lunged for the Straw Hats but missed their targets and failed to retrieve the balls. At some point in the game, Jube was eliminated, but his elimination wasn't shown.[3]

Major Battles


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