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For the Red Arrows Pirates' pet fish, see Rosario.

Julie and Rosario are young siblings from Bighorn who were separated from their parents when Wapol and his subordinates caused an avalanche. They are non-canon, as they only appeared in Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura.[1]


The sister is a short, fair-skinned girl with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wore a long pink snow jacket, red boots, and orange mittens. After the avalanche at Bighorn, she lost her coat and wore her boots, mittens, a pink dress, and a long-sleeved, white-striped shirt underneath.

At the end of the Chopper movie, she wore a new pink coat with white edging on the collar and wrists, brown pants, and a red backpack.

The brother is a short, tan-skinned boy with shaggy brown hair. He wears a teal snow jacket, a mustard shirt beneath it, light green pants, brown boots, and green mittens.[1]


Julie and Rosario Sister First Outfit.png
The sister's first outfit.
Julie and Rosario Sister Third Outfit.png
The sister's third outfit.


Julie and Rosario have a closed bond with their parents, as they rushed into their mother's arms after reuniting with her. The sister cares deeply for her brother, crying next to him after he fell and seeking out help from Dalton. They were amazed when the sakura blossomed on the falling snow.[1]


Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura

After Wapol and his subordinates fired artillery at the side of a mountain, an avalanche started and was set on a course to swallow the town of Bighorn below. Julie and Rosario were separated from their mother in the ensuing panic. The brother fell over, and the sister stood next to him and sobbed until Dalton arrived to rescue them both as the avalanche approached.

Julie, Rosario, and their parents watch the sakura bloom on the snow.

Once the avalanche subsided, Dalton carried Julie and Rosario as they walked back to Bighorn. They encountered Usopp and Robin and returned to the buried village with them. Their mother had been calling out for them, and the two children ran to be reunited with their mother when they saw her at the edge of a crowd of villagers.

After Wapol was defeated, Julie, Rosario, and their parents walked along a path across the island. Suddenly, the brother noticed something, and the others looked up to see Chopper pulling Kureha's sleight. They continued to watch the sky in awe when Kureha fired off a cannon to make sakura bloom in the falling snow.[1]



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