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For the Nintendo DS game, see Jump Super Stars.

Jump Super Stars is a promotional one-shot manga written and illustrated in 2005 by Yusuke Murata (creator of Eyeshield 21) to promote the crossover video game of the same title.

Short Summary

Luffy, Kobayakawa Sena, and other Shonen Jump stars team up to save Anezaki Mamori from the evil Dr. Mashirito.

Long Summary

The story starts off in the Eyeshield 21 universe where Kobayakawa Sena is running through the halls of his schools to the football club room, terrified that Hiruma will be mad at him for being late. When he arrives, he finds a Nintendo DS in his school club's room with the game "Jump Super Stars" in it. He gets transported into the game where he encounters Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, who saves him from Caramel Man #10. Goku, Naruto and Luffy join the battle and defeat the robot. Aya Toujou, who was watching on the side, approaches Sena out of concern. After the battle, they all sit at a campfire and explain that they were transported into the game from their own worlds and that Dr. Mashirito was behind it using an invention known as the "Protagonist Tractor Beam".

After finding out that Mashirito has Sena's female classmate Mamori Anezaki held captive, the group of Jump protagonists raids Dr. Mashirito's castle. Mashirito finishes Caramel Man #11 and has it attack the group outside. While the Jump heroes fight Caramel Man #11, Aya encourages Sena to use his quick feet to run into Mashirito's lab and save Mamori. After the heroes destroy Caramel Man #11 using their signature attacks, Mashirito tries to jump at Sena but misses and falls through his window off of the cliff his castle was on. When Sena opens the room Mamori was being held in, he suddenly wakes up from his other classmate Hiruma Yoichi yelling at him for falling asleep, revealing that it was just a dream.

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