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A Dense Forest Deep in Mystery: The Jungle Zone is the densely forested area of the unnamed island Popora inhabits. It is the second area the Straw Hat Pirates explore in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure.[1]


A map of the Jungle Zone.

The Jungle Zone is a wooded region of the game's unnamed island with thick vegetation and rich, porous soil. It is swamp-like in places, with ankle deep ponds scattered throughout. The plants have far more variety than in other regions, including different kinds of trees, large leafy plants, and Venus flytraps large enough to hurt a human. The region also has significantly taller trees than other parts of the island, some with roots large enough to walk on.

A large shipwreck can be found deep in the Jungle Zone, partially buried in a swamp and submerged in ankle-deep standing water.

The Jungle Zone connects to the Plain Zone, Seaside Zone, and Cave Zone.[1]


At the beginning of the game, the following enemies appear:

  • Saber Pirate
  • Bomb Pirate
  • Pistol Pirate
  • Normal Marine
  • Bazooka Marine
  • Marine Leader

After Chapter 4, the following enemies also appear:

Krieg and Kaku are the zone's bosses, and Kalgara is the zone's secret boss.


One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

Popora headbutts Chopper.

The Straw Hat Pirates entered the Jungle Zone from the Plain Zone, and Luffy ran ahead of his crew. Popora jumped out from the brush to confront them, and he dove at Luffy, who dodged. Right before Popora was going to headbutt Chopper, the orb showed them all memories of Popora and Sealed and Chopper and Hiriluk. Chopper fell back, and Popora ran off. Nami asked Chopper if he was alright, but he was too focused on how the two of them were similar to be hurt.

The crew explored the area and came upon a secluded pond. Luffy activated the orb, and an ascending path made from lily pads sprouted from under the water's surface. They went up the path and came to the next seal, but Popora was already there to guard it from them. Nami asked Chopper if he could understand the creature, but Chopper did not recognize Popora's language. Sanji stepped past Nami and threatened to make Popora into dinner, and the orb showed them memories of Popora and Sealed confronting the Evil Guardian and of Krieg telling Luffy that power is determined by the means to kill one's opponent. Suddenly the seal produced an apparition of the admiral. The crew fought and defeated him, and the orb absorbed the seal's energy. The crew discussed the confrontation, and Robin realized that the seal's guardians were being chosen from their memories that were similar to Popora's.

After traveling deeper into the Jungle Zone, Luffy and the others game to a path filled with thick, thorny vines. He activated the orb and made them dry up, and the Straw Hat Pirates broke through to come to the next seal. Popora followed them and growled. Usopp wondered why he was so adamant to get the orb, and Popora charged and swung his hammer at Luffy, who dodged it. The orb showed them memories of Sealed's orb being stolen by the island's residents and of Kaku confronting the Straw Hat Pirates about the Pluton blueprints. The seal produced an apparition of the CP9 agent, who the crew fought and defeated. The orb absorbed the seal's energy, and Luffy declared that he wanted to find out exactly what Popora was protecting before they returned to the Plain Zone.[1]


Swallowtail Butterflies, Honeybees, Hidden Forest Bees and Hidden Black-winged Swallowtails can be found on the Jungle Zone's flowers, and Hercules Beetles can be found on the area's trees. Jungle Lizards can be found scattered throughout the area. Adventure Fish, Beat Alligators, Electric Catfish, and Cutie Piranhas can be found in the zone's deeper pond in the eastern region of the zone, close to where Kalgara can be fought.[1]


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