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For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 868.

A KX Launcher is a handheld long distance artillery weapon invented by Caesar Clown.


The KX Launcher is used to launch a poisonous bullet which will inject 5 gram of organophosphate toxin directly into the body of the victim, designed by Caesar Clown to kill Big Mom. According to Caesar, one bullet is more than enough, while he prepared three for the alliance's plan.[1]

Although it is deadly, it cannot pierce through Big Mom's extremely tough skin unless she is in a vulnerable state, something which can only be triggered by damaging the picture of Mother Carmel.[1] The ammunition also cannot withstand the pressure of Big Mom's scream as the rockets exploded before they could reach her.


  • The poison of the weapon is based on real-life VX nerve gas, the deadliest nerve agent known to man. 0.6 milligram of VX is enough to kill a healthy man.
  • The launcher is a reminiscence of the RPG-7 weapon.


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