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Leader Kaabo is a member of the Drayke Pirates.[1]


Kaabo is a normal sized man with tanned skin and short blond hair. He has thick, white lips and large teeth that shine when he smiles. He wears a blue and white tennis shirt that has a long tail and a number "1" on the back. He also wears blue shorts, a golden chain necklace, and a golden beaded bracelet.[1]


Kaabo is a sarcastic person, teasing Dias for being a child when he tried to protect Atoli. This was also shown when he gave the children five seconds to let him and Garride inside Dias' house before kicking down the door. When Garride kicked it down after two seconds, Kaabo was quick to joke about Garride's impatience.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Kaabo is decently strong, but when he and Garride fought against the Straw Hat Pirates, they were overwhelmed and forced to retreat.[1]


Kaabo fights with a tennis racket and some tennis balls. He uses his racket to hit the balls at his enemies.[1]


Before the events of the game, the Drayke Pirates invaded Silver Arrow Island. After Atoli escaped, Kaabo and Garride followed her to Loguetown in the East Blue.[1]

Legend of the Rainbow Island

Pursuing Atoli in Loguetown

Kaabo and Garride caught up to Atoli and demanded that she come with them. They were interrupted by Dias, who intervened. Kaabo and Garride warned Dias not to get involved, but when Dias threw his boomerang at Kaabo and hurt him, they briefly retreated, having underestimated Dias' abilities. They reconvened and followed Dias and Atoli, arriving at Dias' door. After Atoli refused to come out by her own volition, Garride kicked down the door and entered. They quickly noticed Dias' Fisherman's Emblem, and they asked instead that both children come with them to their ship rather than just Atoli. Dias fought back, and he and Atoli escaped to Loguetown's execution platform.[1]

At the city's harbor, Kaabo and Garride intercepted Dias and Atoli, who were now accompanied by the Straw Hat Pirates. Dias and the others fought back against them, and Kaabo and Garride were overwhelmed by the crew's strength and retreated.[1]

Major Battles


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