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Kabagorilla[2] is an non-canon animal who lives on the Island of Rare Animals and is protected by Gaimon.[1]


Kabagorilla's anime concept art.

Kabagorilla large creature with brown fur and a muscular gorilla-like body. It has a hippo-like head with a large mouth and small ears.[1]


Kabagorilla was unaffected by watching Gaimon's fight with Buggy, paying more attention to the food Kirinkodanuki gave it and absent-mindedly spitting out the seeds. Kabagorilla enjoys dancing and partying but looked remorseful the next day during its hangover.[3]


East Blue Saga

Syrup Village Arc

Kabagorilla and the other rare animals surrounded the Straw Hat Pirates while Gaimon warned at them to leave the island. Later, Kabagorilla and other animals joined Gaimon when he saw off the crew.[1]

Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles

Kabagorilla and the other animals came out to look at Buggy after the pirate crashed on the island. The animals watched the two fight, and Kabagorilla was given a partially eaten fruit by Kirinkodanuki. As Gaimon declared that he had to protect the animals, all of the animals munched on more of the same fruit. While Gaimon realized the Buggy was a pirate, the animals all spat out the fruits' seeds. The animals partied with Gaimon and Buggy, but Kabagorilla and the others were all hungover the next morning when he left. Kabagorilla and the others watched as Alvida saved him from a giant crab.[3]


  • Its name is a portmanteau between the words kaba (カバ for hippo) and gorilla (ゴリラ for gorilla). This also corresponds to its appearance as an ape-like creature with hippo-like facial features.


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