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For the One Piece: World Seeker character, see Kagero (Non-Canon).

Kagero is a priest and samurai who allied with the Kozuki Family.[3] After waiting 20 years for the return of the Nine Red Scabbards, he affiliated with the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance to raid Onigashima.[1]


Kagero in his Beasts Pirates disguise.

Kagero is a slim-looking old man with a bald head, a narrow face, a long chin, a long nose, small ears, and a wrinkled forehead. He has sharp eyes and a grey mustache that goes over his lips. Kagero wears a brown kimono with a tan armor plate on his chest, held up by a strap over his right shoulder.[1] Despite his slight, frail appearance, Kagero is tall and muscular underneath his clothes.[4]


Kagero is loyal to the Kozuki Family and was faithful for their return. He has as a strong fighting spirit and a vengeful will that he suppressed after becoming a priest.[3]

Abilities and Powers


Kagero carries a khakkhara.[1]



In the past, Kagero was allied with the Kozuki Family. After hearing Kozuki Toki's prophecies about the downfall of Kurozumi Orochi and the opening of Wano Country's borders, Kagero became a priest and waited for 20 years for the Nine Red Scabbards' return.[1][3]

During the Timeskip

After 20 years, Kagero and his comrades witnessed Momonosuke's return, and they swore their loyalty to the Kozuki Family and offered themselves as allies to stand against Orochi.[1]

Wano Country Arc

Two days before the raid on Onigashima, Kagero listened as Jibuemon discussed how to gather together without drawing too much attention.[5]

After invading Onigashima and donning a disguise, Kagero joined Kin'emon's Eastern forces. The group split up at a brothel, and Kagero continued to follow Kin'emon across the bridge. The group heard someone from inside the brothel and all jumped in the water to hide, except Chopper and Usopp who were riding in the Brachio Tank V.[4] After Luffy declared an all-out war on the Live Floor, Kagero and his allies abandoned their disguises and stood ready to fight the enemy crew.[6]

Anime and Manga Differences

In Episode 909, Kagero makes a different initial appearance, walking through the Flower Capital before overhearing a classroom. He approaches it and listens from outside as Sarahebi teaches the students that Kozuki Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards were villains who were defeated by Orochi. Kagero becomes enraged but suppresses his emotions.[2]

In Episode 959, the Kozuki Family's allies, including Kagero and Jibuemon, met in Kibi to discuss the raid, but the location of their meeting was not shown in the manga.[7]


  • His name and hidden, fiery spirit may be a reference to heat haze, (陽炎 Kagerō?), which creates an illusion from heated air.


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