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Kagikko is a member of the Krieg Pirates and a locksmith.[2] He only appeared in the manga.[1]


Kagikko is a normal sized bald man, with a wide nose, and a black and white striped shirt. He has a key on his head, under what appears to be wax melted over his head.[1]


Kagikko is a generally quiet man that speaks very little. He has shown to care about his crew mates, as seen when Pearl was defeated by Luffy and Sanji.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Kagikko has not shown any particular abilities, but as a locksmith[2] he specializes in keys and locks.


Baratie ArcEdit

During the fight between Luffy and Krieg, he dove into the ocean to avoid Krieg's poisonous attacks.[1]


  • Kagikko's name is likely a reference to the concept of a latchkey kid, known in Japanese as "kagikko" (カギっ子? literally meaning "key child").


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