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Kairo Kureyo is a prisoner on Level 5 of Impel Down.[3]


Kureyo has frozen spiky hair and wears a prisoner uniform that is almost completely covered in ice.


Nothing is known about his personality.

Abilities and Powers

Judging by the fact that Kureyo was considered a rather dangerous person and imprisoned on one of the most brutal levels of Impel Down, where prisoners with a bounty of Beli.png100,000,000 and higher are kept, suggests that he was very strong before his arrest.



At some point in his life, Kureyo was sentenced as a criminal and imprisoned on Level 5 of Impel Down.[1]

Impel Down Arc

Due to the freezing temperatures of Level 5, Kureyo froze inside the cell. His cellmate commented that he was either dead or "preserved for the future".[1]


  • His name is likely a pun on "Kairo kure yo" (懐炉くれよ? meaning "give me a hand warmer").
  • Stephen Paul, the official VIZ translator, informally translated Kureyo's name as "Spara Heetpack".[4] This translation was later used in the 7th popularity poll.[5]


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