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#REDIRECT [[Kaku and Suke]]
|colorscheme = WanoCountryColors
|switch = manga
|jname = スケさん
|rname = ''Suke-san''
|ename = Suke
|first = [[Chapter 927]]{{qref|name=debut|chap=927|ep=|Suke makes his debut.}}
|affiliation = [[Kyoshiro Family]]{{qref|name=debut}}
{{For|[[Absalom]] and [[Shiliew]]'s [[Devil Fruit]]|Suke Suke no Mi}}
'''Suke''' is a gangster who is a member of the [[Kyoshiro Family]] in [[Wano Country]]. He appears to be a member of the [[Snakeneck Tribe]].{{qref|name=debut}}{{Confirm}}
Suke is an extremely tall and thin man with a long neck typical of snakenecks. His light hair is arranged in a top knot in the back and points in the sides, and he wears a cap with goggles over his eyes. He also wears a kimono with a river design on it, as well as a character on its right shoulder.{{qref|name=debut}}{{Confirm}}
Like Kuni and Kaku, Suke is quite greedy and wishes to extort local businesses for money to support his crime family, and will get violent if met with resistance.{{qref|name=debut}}
==Abilities and Powers==
As he, [[Kuni]], and [[Kaku (Wano)|Kaku]] were preparing to get violent against [[Sanji]], it can be assumed that Suke has some degree of fighting skill, but what skill he has is unknown.{{qref|name=debut}}
Suke carries a katana on his hip, but has not been seen using it. The katana appears to be extremely long.{{qref|name=debut}}
===Wano Country Arc===
When [[Sanji]] opened up a soba stand in the Flower Capital, Suke, [[Kuni]], and [[Kaku (Wano)|Kaku]] went up to him and demanded that he pay them a fee to keep his stand safe. When Sanji refused, the trio started to attack, but Kuni and Kaku were swiftly defeated by Sanji and [[Franky]]. Suke went to [[Kyoshiro]]'s residence to report the events, and Kyoshiro told him to call [[Queen]] to send assassins to deal with Sanji.{{qref|name=debut}}
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