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Kakukaku[2] is resident of Water 7 who was seen among the townspeople discussing about the attempted murder of Iceburg.[1] So far, no connection has been mentioned between Kakukaku and Kaku.


Kakukaku is a man with rectangular and square-like features, such as his rectangular head with black hair and his rectangular nose. In the anime, he sports a brown short sleeved shirt over a red button up vest, whereas in the digitally colored manga, he wears a red short sleeved shirt with yellow inner edges over a brown button up long sleeved shirt underneath. He also wears green pants with circular designs on them. Around his neck, there is a small necklace.


Kakukaku is an erudite and gets scared very easily, unlike Kaku of CP9.[3] Furthermore, he also seemed worried about Iceburg after he had been shot, showing that Kakukaku has deep concern for the wellbeing of a respected individual such as their mayor.[1]


Water 7 ArcEdit

The next morning after Iceburg had been shot, Kakukaku was seen in the streets of Water 7 theorizing alongside his fellow citizens who had shot their mayor.[1]


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