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Kamonegi is an anime-only villager living near Nanohana who had a supply of Dance Powder that he was going to use for his own benefit.[1]


Kamonegi's face after being beat up by Luffy.

Kamonegi is a tan-skinned, skinny man with dark brown hair, thick lips, and a long unibrow. He wears a blue and white striped hat, as well as a red scarf tied in a knot around his neck. He also wears a light brown garment over a purple robe and has bandages wrapped around his arms.


Kamonegi is somewhat greedy as he had thought of using Dance Powder for his own benefit. Although Dance Powder would steal rain from others, he wanted to use it to make money by selling water in hard times.[1]

Abilities and Powers


He was seen wielding a sword, although he did not seem to be proficient at using it.


Arabasta Arc

Kamonegi had originally intended to use the Dance Powder to create water to sell in hard times to earn a large profit.[1] However, Luffy accidentally stumbled upon his sacks of Dance Powder and, thinking that they may be edible, he tried eating the Dance Powder supply. However, since he did not like the taste, Luffy burned them in the chimney. Upon seeing a rainstorm above his hut, Kamonegi ran out and confronted Luffy. After discovering that Luffy had burned his "treasure," he exclaimed that his dreams were ruined, and so attacked Luffy even though he had apologized.[2]

He proved no match for Luffy, being badly bruised up by him. He ended up apologizing and praising Luffy for his strength, but also asked him to keep the Dance Powder a secret. Kamonegi then tried to explain the Dance Powder's usage and its relation to Arabasta's current situation to Luffy, but he still did not understand.

As Luffy was about to leave, Kamonegi begged Luffy to not tell anyone once again. Luffy told him that he wouldn't, but after Kamonegi said that he would give him anything, Luffy "blackmailed" him into giving him food. When Kamonegi found out from Luffy that he was actually a pirate and couldn't report him anyways, Kamonegi exclaimed that it wasn't fair that Luffy tricked him.[2]


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