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Kappa Style is a swordsmanship style developed by the fish-man samurai Kawamatsu. As noted by Raizo and Kikunojo, this style is Kawamatsu's signature fighting style.[1]


According to Kawamatsu, fighting against the Kappa Style is like trying to swim against raging waters which makes full use of his fish-man strength to inflict powerful blows. When wielding his Soto Muso, Kawamatsu was able to blow away several men charging against him, taking them down with a single blow.[1]


  • Menamu-gawa (滅南無川めなむがわ Menamu-gawa?, literally meaning "Destructive Hailing River): Kawamatsu lunges toward his opponents and quickly cuts them down. In the anime, he spins rapidly while charging towards his opponents, creating a small but potent horizontal whirlwind around himself while cutting them. It was first used against several Beasts Pirates guards in the Prisoner Mine.[1] Namu (南無?) is a transliteration of Sanskrit नमस् (námas, literally "to bow") and it is used in Buddhist salutations or expressions of faith. In the VIZ manga, this is called River of Retribution.
  • Yorikiri (寄り斬り Yorikiri?, literally meaning "Frontal Force Out Cutter"): Kawamatsu performs a slash and sends opponents flying away through sheer force. It was first used against several Beasts Pirates guards in the Prisoner Mine.[2]

Kawamatsu attacks Kaidou with "Amano-gawa".

  • Amano-gawa (海野川 Amano-gawa?): Kawamatsu jumps above his opponent, holding the blade behind him, then releases a powerful frontward flying slash attack that expands in a circle-shaped pattern horizontally. It was first used against Kaidou.[3] This is called River of Sea in the Viz Manga.


  • Kawamatsu named this swordsmanship style after the mythological Kappa.


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