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The Karasumaru is a Dial Boat in Skypiea.

Appearance and Design

The craft was black with a black bird's head on the bow. Its only notable feature, besides the bird head, is that it has two breath Dials for propulsion.


Skypiea Arc

Conis used to use Karasumaru before she learned how to use a waver. She lent it to Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp after Enel's forces abducted the Going Merry—and the other Straw Hat Pirates—to Upper Yard.[1]

After the Straw Hats reunited on Upper Yard, the Karasumaru was tethered to the Merry, presumably to be returned to Conis.[2] Though Conis was never actually shown retrieving it, it was no longer tethered by the time the Merry was ready to leave Skypiea.[3]

Translation and Dub Issues

"Karasu" ( karasu?) means "crow", while "maru" ( maru?) means "ring" or "perfect" and is a common suffix in male names. Put together, however, "Karasumaru" literally means "Little Crow".


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  • Gondola – Wikipedia article about gondolas in general, the type of vehicle the Karasumaru is based on.

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