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The Karasumaru is a Dial Boat owned by Conis, briefly used by the Straw Hat Pirates to explore Skypiea.

Appearance and Design

The craft is small—able to fit about three average-sized humans at most—and mostly black, with its figurehead shaped after an open-mouthed crow. It contains a small helm to steer with, and a single wicker seat for the driver. In its center is an ersatz mast, which holds a parasol instead of sails.

For propulsion, it uses two Breath Dial "engines" positioned on either side of its rudder; these are activated by a foot-pedal beneath the helm. Should manual propulsion be necessary, it is also equipped with a set of oars.


Skypiea Arc

The Karasumaru was Conis' main form of transportation before she mastered waver-riding. She lent it to Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp after Enel's forces abducted the Going Merry—and the other Straw Hat Pirates—to Upper Yard.[1]

Despite its small size, sluggish speed, and lack of armaments, the Karasumaru survived Upper Yard's many deathtraps.[2] It then entered the Illusion Forest, domain of the priest Satori; as part of his Ordeal of Balls, Satori knocked all three Straw Hats overboard and set the craft on automatic propulsion, threatening to permanently strand them in the forest.[3] After a long, tiring battle, the trio defeated him and regained control of the craft.[4]

After the Straw Hats reunited on Upper Yard, the Karasumaru was tethered to the Merry, presumably to be returned to Conis.[5] Though Conis was never actually shown retrieving it, it was no longer tethered by the time the Merry was ready to leave Skypiea.[6]

Translation and Dub Issues

"Karasu" (カラス?) is a katakana rendition of the Japanese for "crow" ( Karasu?), while "maru" (?) is a traditional component for Japanese ship names most often meaning "ring" or "perfect".

As "maru" is also commonly found in pet-names, several fan translations interpret Karasumaru as "Little Crow". In contrast, the Viz manga romanizes the name literally, while the Funimation anime refers to it as simply "the Crow".


  • The single "feather" sticking up from the crow's-head is likely a play on "ahoge" (アホ毛?), a slang term for exaggerated cowlicks that (particularly in anime and manga) signify stupid or eccentric characters. The "aho" (アホ?) component, a common Kansai term for "idiot", is also a common Japanese onomatopoeia for a crow's call.


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