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Not to be confused with Kashii.

Kashigami was a giant snake that lived on Jaya four centuries ago. It was worshiped by the Shandia as a god until it was slain by Mont Blanc Noland.[1] It is the grandparent of Nola, who lives on the land in the present day.[3]


Kashigami was nearly identical in appearance to its grandchild Nola, being an utterly massive light blue snake who was hundreds of meters long and wide enough to rival manmade structures in size. It had light blue skin with dark blue stripes, and possessed strands of light blue hair-like appendages on its sides as well as a pair of whiskers on its face. Its eyes were yellow with narrow pupils, and it had a long forked tongue.[1]


Little is known about Kashigami's personality. It was a carnivorous predator who was conditioned to devour the human sacrifices offered up by the Shandia, though did not appear to try to attack or eat the Shandia otherwise.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Due to its large size, Kashigami is capable of swallowing entire humans instantaneously. Its species also appears to be capable of aquatic movement, as Kashigami was shown swimming through a canal to reach the Shandia sacrifice altar. Its species is capable of living for hundreds of years, and given that a four centuries-old Nola is around the same size as Kashigami was at its death, it is likely that Kashigami lived for centuries as well. Nola also demonstrated possession of powerful venom, meaning Kashigami likely had it as well.

Despite being worshiped as a god by the Shandia, who seemingly believed it to be omnipotent, Kashigami was nothing more than a mortal, if long-lived, snake who instantly died after being decapitated by Mont Blanc Noland.[1]



Kashigami being killed by Noland

Kashigami lived on Jaya centuries ago. At some point in its life, it had offspring. The Shandia revered Kashigami as a god, and when they wished to appease the snake, they would offer up a member of their tribe as a sacrifice for Kashigami to eat. Around 400 years ago, the Shandia offered a young woman named Mousse as a sacrifice in order to try to cure a plague of Tree Fever. Kashigami arrived to eat Mousse, but a foreign explorer named Mont Blanc Noland then arrived and decapitated the snake, instantly killing it.[1]


Kashigami's child appearing after its parent's death.

Kashigami's killing left the Shandia aghast, and they believed that the snake's spirit was still alive and would inflict its wrath on them if Noland and Mousse were not killed immediately. Noland managed to get the Shandia to spare them if he managed to find the cure for their plague, and ended up being trapped in the ground after an earthquake.[4] The Shandia considered this to be a sign of the gods' wrath against him, particularly when Kashigami's child arrived to attack Noland. However, when Noland revealed that he knew the cause of the plague and could cure it with science, the warrior Kalgara slew Kashigami's child to protect him.[5] Later, as relations improved between Noland's group and the Shandia, they discovered Kashigami's very young grandchild and treated it like a pet, giving it the name Nola.[3]


  • "Kashi" means oak in Japanese, while "gami" comes from the kanji for god.
  • Although the serpent was labeled "Kashigami", some Shandorians themselves did not know what their God looked like until it appeared. This indicates that the ritual was not a common occurrence amongst their people and was something they reserved only for dire situations.


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