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Not to be confused with Kashii, one of the two giant gatekeepers for Enies Lobby.

Kashiigami was the grandparent of Nola. It was thought to be a god by the Shandia.


It looked almost exactly the same as Nola, but was a bit smaller. All other traits are exactly the same as its grandchild.


Little was known about Kashiigami’s personality, but it seemed to have an instinctual mindset, accepting people as sacrifices, or, in its mind, food.


Child of Kashigami

The child of Kashiigami.

Kashiigami had a child whose name is unknown before its death. It first appeared in Chapter 289 and Episode 188.

When it was first seen, it was smaller than its parent. It approached a trapped Noland, after finishing off a leopard it had just killed. Kalgara declared this was Noland's punishment for killing their god. After a speech on the cure for Tree Fever, Kalgara took it upon himself to kill it to protect Noland.[2] Before this child was killed, however, it sired a child of its own, Nola.

Oh God of Sun... God of rain... God of the Forest... God of the Land... Please take this woman's blood and save our village from disaster. Save us...! Please, Oh God Kashiigami!


When it first appeared in the story, Kalgara's daughter was about to be sacrificed to it, when Mont Blanc Noland defeated it.[3]


  • Although the serpent was labeled "Kashiigami", some Shandorians themselves did not know what their God looked like until it appeared. This indicates that the ritual was not a common occurrence amongst their people and was something they reserved only for dire situations.


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