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Kent Beef Jr. is a turtle car racer appearing in One Piece Film: Gold. He races along with his partner Pork.[1]


Beef resembles a stereotypical American cowboy; he is a dark-skinned thickset man with a dark mustache and beard and horns on his head. He wears blue overalls over a yellow and red plaid open-collared shirt, a red sash, a belt with a cow's head on the buckle, brown cowboy boots, and a straw hat with goggles on it. He has a pink tattoo of his name "BEEF" on his left arm.[1]


Beef takes racing seriously and is willing to use extreme measures to get ahead of his opponents. When he took the lead, he became extremely happy.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Beef is shown to be a very proficient turtle car racer, being one of only three racers to finish the race and one of only two to stay on the track the entire time. He only lost the race by centimeters. His car is very large, allowing him to easily ram opponents off the track.[1]


One Piece Film: Gold

Beef and his partner Pork took part in the Turtle Car Race in Gran Tesoro. Midway through the race, they caught up to the leading racer, Whitejack, and rammed his car off the track. However, their lead was quickly stolen by Times Count, and when Beef saw the Straw Hat Pirates' car catching up to them, he ordered Pork to throw a bale of hay at them, causing their car to careen off the track. Beef and Times Count were neck and neck for much of the remainder of the race, but the Straw Hats' car suddenly returned to the track, and narrowly beat Beef and Times Count across the finish line by mere centimeters.[1]


  • Beef and his fellow turtle car racers Pork and Jimmy Myers each wear hats resembling the hats worn by Luffy, Ace, and Sabo, with Beef's straw hat resembling Luffy's.


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