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The Kibi Kibi no Mi[3] is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows the user to create "dango" from their cheeks that can tame animals and those of part-animal nature. It was eaten by Tama.


  • Kibi (黍, キビ?) means "millet" in Japanese, referring to the common/proso millet grain whose flour is used to make kibi dango (millet dumplings).

Strengths and Weaknesses

By pinching their cheeks while making a circle using their index finger and thumb, the user can create small, round dango dumplings, that, when fed to any animal, will make them become utterly tame and subservient to the user, obeying all their orders and defending them from harm. This technique will not cause the user's cheek any harm,[2] and since only the user is capable of creating the dangos, they cannot be forcefully taken from their body against their will.[4][5]

Tama giving orders to various Gifters.

Animals tamed with the dangos are considered servants (家来 kerai?) of the user.[6] While the dangos usually are not capable of taming humans, those who have eaten functional SMILE fruits are an exception, being susceptible to being tamed due to their part-animal nature.[7] People tamed by the ability expressly refer to the user as "Master" (ご主人様 Goshujin-sama?).[6]

The effect of the dangos appears to be very long lasting, if not permanent, as Hihimaru and Speed were still under Tama's command days after eating her dangos.[8][9] The effects of the dango also remain even if the user loses consciousness.[10] The dango's effect is similar to brainwashing, and though the consumers seem to retain all their memories and personality, they also gain an undying loyalty to the producer. They place the user's wellbeing and orders above all else, even their own lives.

Tama exhausts herself after creating multiple dangos.

The dangos, while delicious, are not nourishing, and thus cannot be used to quell hunger. Creating too many dango within a short span of time depletes the user's stamina.[11] It is unknown if these dangos can affect eaters of faulty SMILEs, but it is known that they do not work on natural Zoan users.[12] The user also needs to give direct, verbal commands to those who have eaten their dangos to tame them, otherwise they will continue to act as normal.[13] Aside from all that, the user experiences the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses to water and Seastone.


Tama primarily uses her dangos to form allies from wild beasts like Hihimaru.[2] Because such an ability was of major interest for the Beasts Pirates, Tama was ordered by Tenguyama Hitetsu to not use her Devil Fruit in the presence of others. However, Holed'em's subordinates did witness her doing so, leading to her capture.[14]

Tama tames Speed with Luffy's help.

Tama was initially not aware that she could tame Gifters from the Beasts Pirates, having learned about it with the help of Luffy. From that point on, Tama became an invaluable asset for the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, as her Devil Fruit granted the rebel forces a means to convert the elite footsoldiers of the Beasts Pirates to their side, giving them a strategic advantage. For example, it was thanks to Tama that the Prisoner Mine's rebellion was covered up from Queen, as she tamed the prison warden, Babanuki, and had him lie about the status of the nearly 4000 prisoners that were freed.[15]

Due to their small, round shape, Usopp can use the dangos as ammo, which facilitated Tama's job in converting Gifters to her cause.[16] In addition, because the Beasts Pirates remained unaware of the dango and its effects, Gifters under Tama's control, such as Speed, Gazelleman, and Daifugo, were capable of distributing them among their peers, tricking them into eating them by lying about their true nature.[17]


  • Kibi Dango (きびだんご Kibi dango?): By forming a circle with her thumb and index finger and pinching her cheek, Tama creates a small dango dumpling with the ability to tame any animals or SMILE users that eat them. This technique was first seen used by Tama to tame Hihimaru.[2] Kibi dango are a traditional Japanese confectionery made from millet grain. The technique is called Millet Dumpling in the official English translation.
  • Kibi Dan-boshi (きびだん星 Kibidan Boshi?): Using his Kuro Kabuto, Usopp fires several of Tama's dangos into the mouths of Gifters, making them subservient to her. This is called Millet Dumpling Star in the Viz Manga.


  • This Devil Fruit power seems to be based on Momotarō of Japanese folklore, who also used kibi dango to recruit his three beastly retainers: a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant. So far, Tama is known to have befriended two of the same three types of animals that Momotarō has; only the pheasant is missing.
    • The power is also possibly inspired by Doraemon's version of Momotaro's kibi dango, which give the user the ability to tame any animal, removing their ability to disobey the user.
  • The way Tama uses her Devil Fruit is reminiscent of the old Japanese tale Lump-removing Old Man, a tale in which an old man befriends ogres who then removes a lump on his right cheek.
  • This Devil Fruit is similar to Breed's non-canonical Peto Peto no Mi introduced much earlier in the series, which allows the user to control other's (though the Kibi Kibi no Mi is limited to animals and SMILE users). However, while the Peto Peto no Mi forces their target's body to follow the user's commands while leaving their mind free; the Kibi Kibi no Mi effectively brainwashes the targets, making them willing to follow the user's commands.


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