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The Kid Pirates are an infamous and notable rookie pirate crew introduced during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc during the time the Straw Hat Pirates arrived there two years ago. As such, they are part of the Worst Generation. Like the Straw Hats, this crew has two bounties above Beli.png100,000,000. Both members had slightly higher bounties than the respective members of the Straw Hat Pirates before the timeskip. Their captain is Eustass Kid.

Jolly Roger

The Kid Pirates' flag represent the usual grinning skull having Kid's hairstyle and wearing the latter's square shaped goggles on its forehead. In the background there is the traditional cross-bone pattern plus what seems to represent two knives forming a cross as well. Moreover, on each sides of the skull there are flame-like patterns.

Secondary Jolly Roger

The Kid Pirates' simpler Jolly Roger.

As with the Whitebeard and Big Mom Pirates, the Kid Pirates also seem to possess a secondary, simpler symbol, as seen worn by Wire. Its appearance is similar to the face of Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" franchise. But, overall, this Jolly Roger is a smiley with a Glasgow smile. The smiley skull is surrounded by nine, evenly spaced spikes around the circumference.


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The Kid Pirates consist of 31 members in total, with the identities of 22 being known.[9] The most significant aspect of their appearance is that most, if not all of the Kid Pirates have heavy metalesque appearances. Also, many of them seem to wear leather in one way or another. At the auction house, they stated that they might purchase someone who caught their eye. However, it appears that nobody interested them as they never ended up bidding on anyone.[10]

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Kid Pirates
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The Kid Pirates' headquarters.

The Kid Pirates had one known island under their control, which served as their base of operations. It is a small mountainous spring island with even bigger trees. At the base of the largest mountain was a castle where Kid, Hawkins, and Apoo formed their alliance. It is unknown what became of the island after the Kid Pirates' defeat.

Crew Strength

The Kid Pirates show their might by decimating a rival crew.

They are most known for dealing major destruction and civilian casualties along their route through the Grand Line and towards the New World. Furthermore, the entire crew managed to withstand the blast of Haki released by Silvers Rayleigh,[11] a testament to their overall strength. In spite of their great potency in battle and overall level-mindedness, the members of this crew display an innate sense of haughtiness. They, like the other super rookie crews, were able to escape from Kizaru's raid despite being weakened by a Pacifista.

After the timeskip, it is apparent that their strength and influence have increased, as evidenced by Kid and Killer's bounties being raised and the fact that they were able to establish a base on an island. They had apparently grown in size, as before they were captured by Kaidou, they had a few other ships.[12] The Kid Pirates attempted to form an alliance with the Hawkins and On Air Pirates, however Scratchmen Apoo was actually a member of the Beasts Pirates prior to this alliance, and swiftly sold out Kid and Hawkins to Kaidou, who easily defeated the former and coerced the latter to join him. Due to this betrayal, Kid ceased trying to ally himself with any other crews ever again. However, he did become allies (somewhat reluctantly) with the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates after reuniting with his crew.


Further information: Victoria Punk

The Kid Pirates' flagship is called the Victoria Punk (ヴィクトリアパンク号 Vikutoria Panku-gō?).[13] Their ship continues the theme of heavy metal, with a bizarre skull as part of the deck, resembling some heavy metal bands' stages. Their ship was coated with the Yarukiman resin, allowing it to submerge underwater by reducing its buoyancy, and withstanding the water pressure of 10,000 feet.[14]


Victoria Punk Infobox.png
The ship in full sight.
Kid Pirates deck.png
The deck of the ship.



Kid formed his own crew in the South Blue. The Kid Pirates were noted to have been responsible for a great deal of damage and had caused many civilian casualties along their journey.[1]

Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Eventually they reached the Sabaody Archipelago, where they docked and prepared to enter the New World. Subsequently they visited the Human Auction House, where their captain voiced an interest in purchasing a slave, although in the end, they ended up purchasing no one.[10] After Luffy hit Saint Charlos, and the Straw Hats moved into action, they remained at the auction house and witnessed the ensuing chaos. However when Rayleigh appeared, they were subjected to his Haki just like everyone else in the auction room, though every present Kid Pirate easily withstood Rayleigh's Haki.[15] Afterwards, realizing that the Marines were the greatest threat at that time, Kid and the other two captains fought the Marines.[16] Eventually Killer and Heat joined the fray as well, and they soon cut a path through their enemies and managed to escape the Marines.[17] Shortly afterwards they were confronted by a Pacifista which they mistook for Bartholomew Kuma.[18] While struggling to fight it, they once again allied with the Heart Pirates to fight off the Pacifista. The battle was concluded offscreen, but every member survived the fight without any major injury.[19]

Marineford Arc

The Kid Pirates having escaped the Marines were able to stay on the Archipelago a bit longer and were able to watch the Summit War of Marineford, where they witnessed, at a distance, the death of Whitebeard and how Luffy partook the war. They eventually moved onto the New World, where they brutally crucified Haritsu Kendiyo and his crew.[20][21][22]

During the Timeskip

During the timeskip, the Kid Pirates continued to rise in infamy, as evidenced by Kid and Killer's bounties increasing.

Kid also lost his left arm in a battle with the Red Hair Pirates.[23] He later replaced this arm with a large metal one.

At some point after this, the Kid Pirates went to Big Mom's territory and injured one of Big Mom's Sweet Commanders, as well as plundering something.[23] However, they were quickly forced to flee afterwards.[24]

In addition, the crew became powerful enough to establish their own base on an island. They also appear well connected, as they are well aware of dealings within the underworld.

Dressrosa Saga

Punk Hazard Arc

The Kid Pirates met with the Hawkins and On Air Pirates in their own hideout, though the alliance nearly broke apart due to Kid and Apoo getting into a fight because of a lingering grudge. However, Killer managed to calm things down and remind the various parties of their alliance. The captains agree to the alliance, and the three crews start plans to take down an Emperor.[25]

Dressrosa Arc

After reading the news about Doflamingo's defeat, Kid and Killer dined with Hawkins and Apoo. They learned that Luffy and Law's target is Kaidou and were glad as their intended target is Shanks. Some time later, they were alerted by what seemed to be an earthquake.[26] They quickly investigated the source of the commotion, which was a large crater on the ground in the shape of a human. The alliance then came face-to-face with the Emperor Kaidou.[12]

Four Emperors Saga

Zou Arc

After the encounter with Kaidou, the crew was separated.[27] Kid was defeated and placed in a cell by Kaidou in Wano Country.[28]

Wano Country Arc

Kid was imprisoned in the Udon region of Wano Country where he met Luffy again when he was placed in a cell next to his. Killer was forced to eat a failed SMILE and later became known as the assassin "Kamazo". According to a Wano newspaper, he was responsible for a street murder on the eighth street in District 2 of the Flower Capital.[29]

After the chaos at the palace, Kamazo was hired by Kurozumi Orochi to kill the kamuro Toko. He then pursued Toko and Kozuki Hiyori to the Ringo region, where he came across a confrontation between Roronoa Zoro and Gyukimaru. Zoro then clashed with Killer in order to protect Toko and Hiyori. When Zoro was distracted by Gyukimaru, Killer manages to land a grievous hit on him. However, Zoro was able to take one of his scythes as a result and strike him.[30] After that blow, Killer fell to the ground defeated.[31]

Later on, for failing to kill Toko, he was sent to the Prisoner Mine at Udon alongside Kid, who previously escaped and got recaptured. Kid questioned him on what Kaidou had done to him and the fate of their crew, but Kamazo could not answer through his laughter and tears. Both were then sentenced by Queen to undergo water torture.[32] However, they were freed when Big Mom went on a rampage. Kid and Killer left Udon and planned to find their other crewmates.[33]

Before the Fire Festival, Kid managed to find and retrieve his crew. They later joined the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance in their raid on Onigashima.[34] Though they disguised themselves thanks to Kin'emon's ability after arriving at the island, Kid soon got into a brief scuffle with Apoo, exposing himself and Killer. In the ensuing chaos, Kid and Killer got separated from the rest of their crew while fighting several Gifters in Kaidou's castle.[35]


  • Besides Kid and Killer, all of the other members of the crew have names based on rock music.


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