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Kikuhime is a character from One Piece x Kyoto. She is Hitaki's daughter, making her a member of the Hitaki Family of Yo, Toratsugu's childhood friend and fiancée, and Lark's former fiancée.[1]


Kikuhime is a slender, fair-skinned woman who has long black hair tied up in a pink bow with bangs and long whisps down the sides of her face. She wears a red kimono that has an orange flower pattern on it.


Not much is known about Kikuhime's personality, but she was shocked by Lark's betrayal.[1]



Kikuhime and Toratsugu grew up together and become close friends. They eventually fell in love and became engaged, but they were separated when Lark framed Toratsugu for Hitaki's murder. After the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Lark, Kikuhime and Toratsugu were reunited.[1]


Kikuhime became engaged to Lark after Toratsugu was thrown in prison. Kikuhime's feelings toward Lark are unknown, but Lark only used Kikuhime to his own advantage. He even considered her an impediment to his success and was willing to kill her for his own gain.[1]


Kikuhime seemed to care deeply about her father, as she was grieving his death at the time of her wedding.[1]



Toratsugu and Kikuhime's Engagement

Toratsugu and Kikuhime fall in love.

Since childhood, Kikuhime has been friends with Toratsugu, the flower arranger for her father, and the two gradually came to love each other. They got engaged, but the engagement quickly ended after Lark murdered Hitaki and framed Toratsugu for it. Kikuhime then got engaged to Lark while Toratsugu escaped prison.[1]

One Piece x KyotoEdit

Luffy and Toratsugu Save Kikuhime

Luffy and Toratsugu save Kikuhime.

Kikuhime and Lark were getting married when their ceremony was interrupted by Toratsugu, who had transformed into the legendary yokai Nue by eating a Devil Fruit. Toratsugu kidnapped Kikuhime, and Lark went to the Straw Hat Pirates to help get her back.

After the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Toratsugu, Kikuhime and Lark were reunited. However, it was not long before Lark revealed his true colors by telling Kikuhime the truth about her father's murder and attempting to kill her by throwing her off of a balcony. Before she fell, Toratsugu flew in and Luffy, riding on his back, caught her. Luffy then punched Lark in the face, defeating him. A banquet was held afterward, and Toratsugu and Kikuhime bid farewell to the Straw Hats as they resumed their life together.[1]


  • Her name means "chrysanthemum princess".
  • She is very similar in appearance and name to the canon character Kiku, who debuted almost a year after her.


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