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"Massacre Soldier" Killer[10] is a pirate from the South Blue and a combatant of the Kid Pirates. He is one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the "Worst Generation".[11] After the timeskip, his bounty has been raised from Beli.png162,000,000 to Beli.png200,000,000.[6]

Following the confrontation with Kaidou, Killer ate a defective SMILE[12] and taking on the alias of Kamazo the Manslayer, a street murderer in Wano Country[4] who secretly acted as an assassin working for the shogun, Kurozumi Orochi,[3] until the shogun discarded him after he failed his mission to kill Toko.[13] He later reunites with his crew and becomes an ally member of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance during the Wano Country Arc.


Killer is a tall, muscular man. He has long wild blonde hair that reaches down to his thighs. He wears a plain, white and light-blue striped full-head helmet with many rows of holes in it, and what look like modern headphones on both sides. He also wears a black shirt with white polka-dots and an open collar that shows his chest, with blue riding chaps over his pants. Additionally, Killer has a red sash around his waist.

He carries a pair of handguards which have very long detachable scythes connected to them. When not fighting, these scythes are placed in a large sheath tied to his right hip.[1]

In an SBS Volume 64, Oda drew the Supernovas as children. Killer is shown as a kid with a wavy hair that covered his eyes with a plain t-shirt, pants and shoes, eating a plate of noodles.[14] This makes a reference to SBS Volume 62, that Oda stated that Killer, as an adult, prefers to consume food that can pass through the holes of his mask, such as stick-shaped ones and ramen.[15]

After the timeskip, Killer is shown as more muscular and with a thicker neck. He has grown a goatee and is shown to have a prominent scar on his left arm. His hair is shorter, now only reaching down to his back.[6] He has changed his attire after the two year timeskip to a blue t-shirt with his customized Jolly Roger on.

Under the guise as Kamazo the Manslayer, Killer lost his mask and has bandages covering most of his face and arms. He has sharp, slanted eyes with blue pupils. His hair is kept bound, and he wears a red violet kimono with yellow sickle-shaped patterns placed on it irregularly, as well as a dark violet obi around his waist and a cape that both have target patterns on them.[3] By the time of the Fire Festival, Killer regained his mask, although it was heavily damaged during his fight with Hawkins, having received several cracks.[16]



Killer Pre Timeskip Manga Colorscheme.png
Killer's manga color scheme before the timeskip.
Killer Digitally Colored Manga.png
Killer in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Killer Anime Concept Art.png
Killer's concept art after timeskip from the anime.
Killer as a Child.png
Killer as a child.
Killer Beasts Pirates Disguise.png
Killer in his Beasts Pirates disguise.
Killer One Piece Stampede.png
Killer Super Grand Battle X.png
Killer after timeskip in One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X.
Killer Pirate Warriors 4.png
Killer as a Female.png
Oda's depiction of Killer as a female.


Kamazo the Manslayer.png
Killer as "Kamazo the Manslayer".
Killer's Face.png
Killer's face unmasked.
Kamazo Poster.png
Killer's wanted poster as Kamazo in the Wano Country.
Kamazo Anime Concept Art.png
Kamazo's anime concept art.


Like the rest of Kid's crew, Killer comes across as both mildly arrogant and level-headed; in the latter case, probably more so than their captain. Of course, this does not mean he is not as enticed toward violence as anybody else on the crew. He also remains fairly silent during combat, save for the slicing of his blades, and tends to focus on the elimination of his enemies.[1] Killer is more knowledgeable than his captain in terms of historical facts, as shown when he informed Kid the meaning of the Ox Bell.[17]

After the timeskip, Killer has been shown to be much calmer than his captain, advising him to be polite when meeting with his fellow Supernovas, and was then able to prevent a fight between him and Scratchmen Apoo from escalating while reminding them of the purpose of their meeting. He also seems to be more reasonable than his captain, which is in contrast to his name, as he tried to reason things out rather than immediately trying to start a fight.[18]

"Kamazo" sheds tears through his smile.

Killer is very caring towards his allies. Though the exact terms are unknown, he was made an offer where he could save his crew by eating a SMILE fruit and working for Orochi, and Killer accepted the deal. After eating a faulty SMILE fruit, Killer lost the ability to express negative emotions and is now only able to smile and laugh.[12]

After taking on the alias Kamazo, he displays the traits of a violent man who takes pleasure in killing. If he encounters someone whom he has not been ordered to kill, he will give them the chance to get out of his way, but will kill anyone who stands between him and his target without issue. He is very confident in his abilities, constantly taunting his opponents and being sure that they will lose to him. As someone who worked for Orochi, "Kamazo" held the shogun in high regard and would get mad if anyone referred to the shogun in an impolite manner.[3]

By the time of the raid on Onigashima, Killer started regaining much of his former personality, thus he still suffers from the effect of the faulty SMILE fruit. Seven days after the raid, Killer expresses admiration at General Franky, continuing a running gag that male characters often partake in when they see robots.

Like many other people, he has a unique laughter style: "Faffaffaffa" (ファッファッファッファ?).[3] According to Kid, Killer hates his own laugh to the point of stopping himself from doing so ever since. Moreover, he also hates people laughing at his laugh and is willing to kill them for it.[12]

Abilities and Powers


Killer effortlessly defeating Marines.

Killer is a very powerful pirate and the combatant of the Kid Pirates. His skills have earned him a bounty of Beli.png200,000,000, which is considered to be very impressive for a rookie, even within the Grand Line. He obtained a bounty of a Beli.png162,000,000 by the time he had reached the Sabaody Archipelago, and was only one of two non-pirate captains (alongside Roronoa Zoro) of the Worst Generation to have the distinction of a nine-figure bounty. Killer even claimed that he could have killed Zoro had he used his Punishers during his fight against the swordsman as 'Kamazo the Manslayer', a battle in which Zoro praised his strength. During the raid on Onigashima, he earned the distinction of injuring Kaidou of the Beasts, formerly of the Four Emperors, and later went on to defeat pirate captain and fellow Worst Generation member Basil Hawkins singlehandedly. He also has a strong will as shown when, like his captain, he was able to resist Rayleigh's burst of Haki.[19]

Physical Abilities

Killer's style of fighting seems to rely mainly on his extraordinary speed and agility, which he uses to overpower his opponents before they can strike him or dodge his attacks. Killer's fighting style tends to be highly acrobatic as a result and he is able to slice targets before being noticed or detected. He is extremely swift, as shown when he was able to steal Napoleon from the Emperor Big Mom's grip before she could notice, and was able to overwhelm Basil Hawkins with little to no damage until he took Kid as hostage.

Killer possesses immense physical strength, being capable of fighting head on with Urouge, a man twice his size, at the Sabaody Archipelago[1] and with Roronoa Zoro at Wano Country, with Zoro praising his level of power.[20] On Onigashima, he was able to, alongside Roronoa Zoro, briefly stun Kaidou, although he was unable to cut him, and was able to deflect his invisible air slashes, which were powerful enough to slice through rock formations.

Killer has incredible levels of physical endurance and stamina, being able to continue fighting after a lighting strike from Zeus and a beating from Hawkins and had enough strength to defeat the latter after.

After eating a failed SMILE, Killer lost his ability to swim.[21]


Main article: Haki

Killer possesses the ability to use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki.[9]


Main article: Punishers

Killer using his Punishers.

Killer is seen wielding a pair of gauntlets equipped with scythe-like blades, which he dubs "Punishers". The blades are capable of spinning around like buzzsaws or simply being used as hand scythes. These weapons can also be used to block other weapons, leaving the foe open for Killer to kick the enemy's flank or other exposed areas. If spun at a high enough speed, the Punishers can generate powerful soundwaves to inflict damage to its target from the inside. This, combined with the agility he has so far displayed in combat and the notion that he is not afraid to kill, makes him a formidable foe. Killer even managed to hurt Kaidou with these weapons, a feat only a few people were capable of, let alone dared to.[22]

As Kamazo, Killer used two regular scythes, but lost them after he was defeated by Zoro.[3] In the anime, Killer was shown able to launch flying slash attacks with both sets of weapons.



Killer knew Eustass Kid since they were children. One day, they ate curry udon with their first love, Shiruton Doruyanaika. They laughed when she spilled curry broth all over herself while eating it, causing her to beat them up. This caused curry udon to become their least favorite food.[23]

According to Kid, Killer hated his own laugh so much that he beat up anyone who made fun of it. He eventually stopped laughing at all and started to wear a mask to hide his face.[12]

Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Killer having his fight with Urouge interrupted by Drake.

After a long voyage following one of the Log Pose routes of the Grand Line, Kid and his crew came to the Sabaody Archipelago to prepare themselves for the New World. For unknown reasons, he ended up facing Urouge around one of the archipelago's groves. Killer's fight was eventually broken up by X Drake, who told them to reign in themselves until they hit the New World.[1]

He later rejoined with his captain at the Human Auctioning House, to observe the auction taking place. After interruptions caused by Monkey D. Luffy, Killer found himself fighting to escape alongside Trafalgar Law's and Luffy's crews, in the face of a daunting Marine attack.[24] During the battle, Luffy remarked how he will be the one to find the great treasure One Piece; Kid responded to this statement by ceasing current fighting, and facing Luffy. After a brief recollection between the captains, on how their journey was met with laughter and dismissal at their crews' dreams, on their route along the Grand Line, the crew escaped together.

Killer participating in a fight against a Pacifista.

The crew managed to defeat the Marines and headed back to their ship to escape the island. Destroying a bridge to halt enemy progress, their crew was amazed at the tenacity shown by the Marines, as they continued the chase despite the bridge being destroyed. Their attention was drawn at that moment, however, to the presence of a Pacifista, whom they assumed to be Warlord of the Sea Bartholomew Kuma. With the Heart Pirates eventually joining in, both crews prepared themselves to confront the human weapon.[25]

Marineford Arc

The Kid Pirates managed to escape capture by the Pacifista and later were seen somewhere in the Sabaody Archipelago. They watched the live broadcast of the execution of Portgas D. Ace up until it was cut off by the Marines.[26]

Post-War Arc

The Kid Pirates then approached Marineford and watched the war unfold from a safe distance on board of their ship.[27]

Kid pirates defeat Haritsu Kendiyo.

Several weeks after the war, Killer and the rest of the Kid Pirates were on a rainy island in the New World. When Kid read the newspaper about Luffy ringing the Ox Bell and asked about it, Killer explained the significance to his captain.

They had taken another pirate crew captive. After the crew begged Kid to let them go back to "Paradise" (the first half of the Grand Line), Kid tied them to branches in the shapes of different crosses and crucified them using his Devil Fruit powers, saying that people with that little amount of resolve have no business in the New World.[28]

During the Timeskip

Sometime during the two-year timeskip, Killer and his crew wandered into Big Mom's territory but were forced to flee.[29]

Dressrosa Saga

Punk Hazard Arc

A few days after sinking two Big Mom Pirates' ships,[30] Killer and Kid watched Caesar Clown's broadcast of his new weapon of mass destruction via a video Den Den Mushi, and Killer commented on how his captain was not suited to be a broker. Leading Kid away to one of the main rooms, he warned the other to be civil before entering the room. Discovering the place a mess due to Scratchmen Apoo looking for an alleged sniper, Kid quickly started a fight with Apoo, while Basil Hawkins decided to leave. Calming the others down, Killer then revealed their intention to create an alliance with the On Air and Hawkins pirates.[18]

Later on, he continued watching Caesar's video broadcast, where Luffy defeated Caesar.[31]

The next morning, the newspaper printed a story which announced the alliance between the three crews. The group was confused on how the information got out but put the issue aside, as they were planning to take down an Emperor.[32]

Dressrosa Arc

Kid Pirates find themselves facing Kaidou.

Kid, Hawkins, and Apoo were dining together when they heard the news of Doflamingo's defeat. They figured that Luffy and Law were after Kaidou. Killer revealed that the target of the Kid's alliance is Shanks.[33]

A mysterious figure then landed on the Kid Pirates' base, and when it got up, Killer wondered in shock what kind of monster it was before the figure revealed himself to be Kaidou.[34] At that time, Killer, Kid, and Hawkins discovered that Apoo was already working for Kaidou with the intention of setting them up to join Kaidou as his subordinates. While Hawkins joined Kaidou, Killer and Kid refused to submit to the Emperor and tried to fight him only to be defeated. Afterwards, the Kid Pirates were separated.[35]

Four Emperors Saga

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece: Stampede

Killer and his crew attended the Pirates Festival on Delta Island. He participated in the main event, the Treasure Race, safely sailing up the Knock Up Stream and landing on the central Treasure Island, where all the pirates raced for Gol D. Roger's treasure, all the while battling other Worst Generation members. When Buggy ended up exposing himself after snatching the treasure, Killer and his crew chased after the Warlord. However, the Treasure Race was cut short, when someone threw a galleon at the island, destroying it, and sending everything plummeting back to the surface. When Killer realized that the one who did this was Douglas Bullet, he notified Kid, who was quite surprised. In the end, after his captain gave into Bullet's taunting, he and the other Worst Generation members (except for Zoro and Law) attacked the Demon Heir. At first the Worst Generation pirates managed to deal a few good blows on the veteran, but when the opponent revealed his Gasha Gasha no Mi powers, the battle quickly ended in their defeat.

Later, after Bullet was defeated, his crew along with the other Worst Generation pirates and several other crews attempted to break through the Marines encirclement surrounding the island. They were able to successfully escape thanks to Sabo and Ann creating a blazing barrier to protect them.[36]

Concludes non-canon section.

Wano Country Arc

At some point after the encounter with Kaidou, Kurozumi Orochi offered Killer a chance to save his captain by giving him a SMILE fruit.[37] The fruit turned Killer into a Pleasure and he later became known as the assassin "Kamazo". According to a Wano newspaper, he was responsible for a street murder on the eighth street in District 2 of the Flower Capital.[4]

Zoro defeats Kamazo.

After the chaos at the palace, Orochi hired Kamazo to kill the kamuro Toko. He then pursued Toko and Kozuki Hiyori to the Ringo region, where he came across a confrontation between Roronoa Zoro and Gyukimaru. Zoro then clashed with Killer in order to protect Toko and Hiyori. When Zoro was distracted by Gyukimaru, Killer managed to land a grievous hit on him. However, Zoro was able to take one of his scythes as a result and strike him.[3] After that blow, Killer fell to the ground defeated.[38]

Killer and Kid undergo water torture.

Later on, for failing to kill Toko, he was sent to the Prisoner Mine in Udon alongside Kid, who previously escaped and got recaptured. Kid questioned him on what Kaidou had done to him and the fate of their crew, but Kamazo could not answer through his laughter and tears. Queen then subjected them both to water torture and threatened to keep them submerged until Luffy and Hyogoro die.[39] When Big Mom was swinging Queen around, Killer and Kid were saved from drowning when Queen crashed into the contraption holding them and knocked them out of the water.[40]

As Luffy and his allies from the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance were fighting against the Beasts Pirates, Raizo tossed some keys to Killer and Kid.[41]

After the prison takeover, Kid rejected Luffy's offer for an alliance and Killer left the Prisoner Mines with Kid.[42] Killer and Kid later reunited with their crewmates and joined the battle against the Beasts Pirates during the Fire Festival.

When the Straw Hats took over the port in front of Onigashima, the Kid Pirates promised to be the ones who would defeat Kaidou.[43] After disembarking on Onigashima, the Kid Pirates received Beasts Pirates disguises from Kin'emon.[44] As the alliance began their raid, the Kid Pirates went ahead of the Straw Hats.[45] While deep inside Onigashima, the Kid Pirates were caught up in the commotion caused by Luffy and Zoro.[46]

Killer assisting Kid with metal gathering.

After Kid's brief scuffle with Apoo, the situation became more chaotic as a Number entered the fray. As Killer, Kid, Luffy, and Zoro ran to the castle, Killer told the others how they can avoid Apoo's attacks.[47] Inside the castle, Killer and Kid got separated from their allies and found themselves fighting against several Gifters.[48] As the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance began their all-out war on the Beasts Pirates, Killer and Kid were aided by some of the rebels.[49] Killer and Kid eventually reached the third level of the castle, where Killer cut through opponents while Kid focused on collecting metal.[50]

Killer and the other Supernovas face Kaidou and Big Mom.

The two later reached the roof, where they were joined by Law, Zoro, and Luffy as they prepared to fight against Kaidou and Big Mom.[51] When watching Luffy successfully deal damage to Kaidou with his improved Busoshoku Haki at the opening clash of the battle, Killer mentioned that they actually do have a chance of winning. Later and after a brief discussion with Zoro about their fight back in Ringo and how the outcome would have been different if Killer was using his Punishers, they both attacked Kaidou simultaneously, with the Emperor praising their combat skills.[52] As the battle went on, Killer tried attacking Kaidou with Kamaa Sonic. Afterwards, Killer was struck by a lightning bolt unleashed by Big Mom. While Killer was falling, Kaidou tried to chomp on him, but Luffy was able to kick Kaidou away.[53] After Luffy pummeled Kaidou with Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling, Killer and Kid tried to continue on the offensive, but Kaidou stopped them by creating some twisters. Zoro managed to slice through Kaidou's scales, but Kaidou responded by launching wind blades at the five Supernovas.[54]

Having trouble facing the combined might of Kaidou and Big Mom, the Supernovas devised a plan to split the two Emperors away from each other.[55] After the Supernovas barely survived Kaidou and Big Mom's combined attack, Killer and Zoro separated Big Mom from her special homies, with Killer knocking Napoleon out of her hand and chasing away the sword.[56] After Kid and Law trapped Zeus in a box and threw Big Mom off the island, Killer accompanied his captain to the edge of Onigashima in order to prevent her from returning.[57] Big Mom flew back to Onigashima with a new thundercloud homie and attacked Killer and Kid. The lightning bolt sent them crashing back inside the Skull Dome. When Big Mom searched for them in the floor below, they chased after her to prevent her from rejoining Kaidou.

Killer cuts Hawkins down.

Their former ally, Hawkins blocked their path, so Killer told Kid to proceed while he took care of Hawkins himself. Hawkins started taunting Killer about the latter's chances of dying in this fight, which were a staggering 92%, but Killer brushed off Hawkins' fortune-telling, laughing it off while showing reassurance of his own strength.[58] Killer asked how many lives Hawkins had left, to which Hawkins replied that he is running out. Killer then stabbed Hawkins, who redirected the injury to a doll linked to Kid. Hawkins revealed the truth about the link because he wanted to watch Killer struggle with killing his captain, at which Killer laughed at his mercilessness.[59] Killer was also unable to stop Hawkins from injuring himself and transferring the damage to Kid. Killer offered his own life in exchange, but Hawkins instead kicked and mocked him for thinking he could stand a chance against two Emperors. Killer, however, retorted that Hawkins was covering up his own regret for siding with Kaidou because of how the alliance had fought against his foreseen results. After asking Hawkins to explain his power again, Killer cut off Hawkins' left arm because it would not affect Kid due to him not having one anymore. Killer then pulled out the last straw doll from Hawkins' severed arm. Hawkins summoned his Straw Man, but Killer beheaded it and quickly defeated Hawkins. Afterwards, Killer cheered on Kid to win in his fight with Big Mom.[60]

When the castle was engulfed in flames, some of his companions carried him even though he asked to leave it. Pomp then told him to let him do at least that. At that point they were hit by an immense amount of water, realizing that they were safe.[61]

Major Battles

Filler Battles


Video Games

Playable Appearances

Support Appearances


Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, as seen in Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.

  • Killer's helmet has been noted to bear resemblance to the French musician Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's helmet from Daft Punk. Daft Punk was made famous in Japan by their animated film Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, during which time the duo were wearing outfits designed to make them look like robots.
  • Killer and Zoro share a number of similarities, including their inclination towards killing/violence, status as the only non-captain Supernovas, lack of an apparent position in their crew, and a fighting style that includes blades. Also, both are the only members of the Worst Generation without powers of a Devil Fruit (although Killer has the weaknesses of a user by having eaten a defective SMILE).
  • In the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th fan poll, Killer ranked 100th, 61st, 129th and 55th.
  • Kama (?) as in Kamazo (his Wano alias) can mean "scythe" or "sickle" in Japanese.
  • The water torture that Killer and Kid were subjected to is a version of the old Japanese torture and execution method known as tsurushi or "reverse hanging".
  • Killer’s laugh is likely a reference to the song Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads, as both share “Killer” in their names and the chorus of the song sounds exactly like his laugh.

SBS-Based Trivia

Killer Eating.png
Killer eating through the holes in his mask.
SBS101 Killer SMILE.png
Killer as an elephant SMILE user.
  • Killer eats with his mask on, and prefers food he can consume through the holes of his mask (stick or string shaped foods). His meals have pasta as main every day and his favorite is Aglio e Olio. He also drinks alcohol through a straw. His stated preference for remaining masked while eating ascended from trivia to a known fact when he did just that in Chapter 793.[15]
    • Killer's favorite food is peperoncino, and his least favorite is curry udon.[62]
  • Oda once drew how Killer would look like if his SMILE had not been a failure. In his case, he would have become an elephant with his human head and limbs jutting from random parts of the animal's body.[63]
    • Killer's animal resemblance is a weasel, a reference to the Kamaitachi, a weasel-like yokai with sickle-like claws.[64]
  • Oda said he picked the name "Killer" out of sheer laziness, thus the name holds little to no meaning. It means that he is the only Supernova introduced in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc whose name is not linked to a real life pirate or privateer and the only one of the group with no other meaning at all.[65]
  • Killer's birthday, February 2, comes from his epithet "Massacre Soldier" (殺戮武人 Satsuriku Bujin?) since 2-2 can be derived from bu-ji.[7]
  • Killer's hobbies are playing drums and cooking.[66]
  • If One Piece was set in the real world, then Killer would be from Scotland.[67]
    • Aside from sharing the same dislike of curry udon as in their pasts,[23] Killer even shares his real-world nationality[67] with his captain.
  • If Killer was not a pirate, then he would be a pasta shop owner.[67]
  • Killer's flower resemblance is a snowdrop.[64]


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