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One of Gold Roger's famous battles, according to the Loguetown filler episodes, involved Killer Giant, a rough man with a large sword who was known for killing hundreds of pirates and was described as a devil.[1]


Killer Giant was described as being quite ruthless and was known for killing pirates. He also highly respected Roger, despite the fact that the future pirate king was his killer.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Killer Giant was likely very strong, having killed hundreds of pirates. He also had surprising endurance, being able to survive a fatal blow to the head long enough to speak on behalf of Roger. Killer Giant wielded a large sword and was fairly skilled in using it.[1]



Roger defeated and killed Killer Giant in a short battle, leaving a fatal gash in Killer Giant's skull. In his dying breath, the man praised Roger and dubbed him "Eternal Pirate".[1]


His cracked skull currently resides with Raoul, the owner of the Gold Roger Bar.[1]

Major BattlesEdit


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