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For the member of the Spade Pirates, see Kimel.

Kimmel is the captain of the Kimmel Pirates (キンメル海賊団 Kinmeru Kaizoku-dan?). He appears in One Piece: Great Hidden Treasure of the Nanatsu Islands.[1]


A close-up of Kimmel.

Kimmel is a lean, dark-skinned man with slightly-long, black hair. He has a large, downward-pointing nose, large lips, a square chin, and a slightly-predominant forehead. He wears a yellow bandana on his head, a blue, short-sleeved shirt, black pants, and blue shoes.


Kimmel believes that only he is worthy of the treasure of the Nanatsu Islands, which causes him to view Halsey and other pirates as mere "hyenas". However, he was willing to cooperate with Halsey for the purpose of eliminating Zoro and Nami, after which the two would settle things between themselves. He is seemingly quite ignorant of other pirates, as he thought that Zoro and Nami must be members of the Simon Pirates after being defeated by the two.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Kimmel is fairly weak since he was easily defeated by Zoro and Nami.[1]


Kimmel has been seen carrying a sword similar to a katana. He seems fairly skilled in using it.[1]


Great Hidden Treasure of the Nanatsu Islands

Kimmel was arguing over the treasure of the Nanatsu Islands with his rival pirate captain Halsey when Zoro and Nami interrupted them. Kimmel and Halsey decided to put their differences aside for the moment and fought against the young pirates together, but were defeated. Kimmel then mistakenly assumed that Nami and Zoro were part of the Simon Pirates, causing Halsey become filled with fear and start apologizing, after which Kimmel was the first take the the chance to run away.[1]

Major Battles


  • Due to his minor role, Kimmel's portraits and sprites are reused from generic enemies. He shares this fate with the other minor pirate captains, Carragan, Halsey, Meryl and LeMay.


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