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Kinbo[2] is a boy who lives in Okobore Town of Kuri with his mother Yame and his little brother.[1]


Kinbo is a small boy with round eyes and nose, and dark brown hair which is very short apart from a tuft in the back. He wears a tattered green kimono with yellow patches.[1]


Kinbo was unable to hold back tears due to extreme hunger despite his mother's insistence that Wano Country boys do not complain.[1]


Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

Kinbo and his little brother cried from hunger due to Okobore Town's shortage of food while their mother Yame tried to calm them down.[1] When Zoro, Kiku and Law arrived with the Treasure Ship of Provisions, Kinbo and his family were able to eat as much as they wanted.[3]


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