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Big Giant Squid King was a giant squid that lived on Natsuyasumi Island, before he was killed and grilled for a summer barbeque.[1]


King was a massive, light-colored giant squid, comparable in size to Wadatsumi. He had dark-colored patterning along the edges of his body that resembled fire, with spots on his tentacles. Unlike normal squids, King had teeth with prominent lower canines. He also had a large, curled mustache.[1]


King was described by Heracles as a ferocious creature, and when he crossed paths with the Straw Hat Pirates, he became irate and sprayed them with ink. Despite his aggressive personality, King became nervous when fighting the pirates and was distraught upon defeat.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Ikasmin Attack.

King was said to be powerful, but despite his size and ferocious nature, he was easily defeated and killed by the Straw Hat Pirates.[1]


  • Ikasmin Attack (イカスミン攻撃 Ikasumin kōgeki?): King puffed up his cheeks and shot his opponent with a concentrated spray of black ink. It did not cause any damage but was intended to blind and ward off enemies.[1]


One Piece Party

Luffy defeats King with Gear 3, Gomu Gomu no Gigant Hanabi.

The Straw Hat Pirates and Heracles were searching for food on Natsuyasumi Island when Heracles told them about a large, ferocious squid that roamed the area. They encountered the squid, King, who became angry and sprayed them with his ink. The annoyed pirates launched their counterattack. Sanji struck King with Diable Jambe, Bien Cuit: Grill Shot. Usopp used Midori Boshi: Trampolia to propel Luffy into the air. King became nervous and recoiled when the pirate captain flew toward him. Luffy used Gear 3, Gomu Gomu no Gigant Hanabi to pummel King and knock him unconscious.

The Straw Hat Pirates and Wadatsumi use King in a summer barbeque.

After the crew encountered Wadatsumi and learned that the island's mountain is actually a giant grill, they barbequed King with the island's vegetables and ate them.[1]

Major Battles


  • King was the first original character introduced in the One Piece Party spinoff manga. However, he is not the only one, as Drip's non-canon son Trip appeared in a later chapter.


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