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Kinko Island is one of 34 islands surrounding Whole Cake Island as part of Big Mom's territory, Totto Land. It is run by Charlotte Noisette, the Minister of Finance (大蔵大臣 Ōkura Daijin?).[2]


The island's layout has yet to be seen. It contains a town called Oshimuna Town (オシムナタウン Oshimuna Taun?, Viz: "Chockfull Town").[1]



Less than 62 years ago, Kinko Island became part of the Big Mom Pirates' territory Totto Land, and Charlotte Noisette was appointed the minister in charge of this island.[2]

Whole Cake Island Arc

Monkey D. Luffy went in and out of Oshimuna Town while running through the Mirro-World, and the people there reported his intrusion.[1]


  • Kinko means "safe" or "treasury" in Japanese, and Oshimuna means "Don't be stingy".


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