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Kinoconda is a snake-like creature that resides in Kinoko Island. It appeared in the non-canon Adventure of Nebulandia.


Kinoconda is a very large snake-like creature. Its head is bright green and resembles the head of a mushroom, and it has two tendrils coming out of its face. The rest of its body is brown and beige. Rebound Mushrooms grow on its skin.


Kinoconda is very violent and ferocious when it is hurt, but can be tamed and carry people in its mouth without eating them. However, it will still cause wanton destruction if commanded to do so.

Abilities and Powers

Due to its large size, Kinoconda is capable of dealing large amounts of damage in a single blow. It was able to destroy Dojaku's greatest invention just by lying on it. It also has bulletproof skin.


Adventure of Nebulandia

The pirates on Mushroom Island encounter Kinoconda.

Brook, Chopper, and the Foxy Pirates encountered Kinoconda as they searched for the Rebound Mushroom. They at first assumed it to be a moving mountain, but Kinoconda faced them and roared, causing them to flee in terror. Kinoconda chased them, but was caught in a Marine trap, causing it to writhe in pain. Chopper then treated Kinoconda's wounds, giving it its name as Brook played music to soothe it. Chopper then discovered Rebound Mushrooms growing on Kinoconda's skin. However, the music drew the attention of the Marines, who fired on Kinoconda and surrounded the pirates.

Kinoconda arrives on Nebulandia.

However, the pirates managed to defeat the Marines with Kinoconda's help. Kinoconda then took them to Nebulandia in its mouth, where they arrived to save the captured Straw Hats. Dojaku was unveiling his greatest creation, but Kinoconda landed on it and destroyed it. Kinoconda then flew through the air as the pirates battles the Marines, and gave Luffy a foothold in the air, allowing the pirate to fly toward Komei and defeat him. It later returned to Kinoko Island with the two pirate crews.


  • Its name is a cross between "kinoko", meaning mushroom, and an anaconda.

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