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Kirisame is a curved blade that Hody Jones uses underwater.


Diagram of the Kirisame.

The Kirisame is a razor-sharp curved blade with a slot at the bottom that Hody can place onto his dorsal fin, enhancing his shark features.[2] It has a sheathe to go along with when not in use.[1]


Hody puts the blade on his back (over his dorsal fin) to cut his opponents while swimming, further enhancing his shark features.[3]

The blade is extremely sharp as it was able to cut through a large oarfish that was near him, and slice through underwater mountains. Hody was also able to swim while somersaulting rapidly, in a manner similar to a buzzsaw. The anime also adds the effect of air blades when Hody performed this maneuver.[3]


Fish-Man Island Arc

Hody using Kirisame against Luffy and the three princes.

When Vander Decken IX intended to crash Noah into Fish-Man Island, Hody climbed aboard with the sheathed Kirisame on his back. During the underwater battle against Monkey D. Luffy and the four royal children of Ryugu Kingdom, Hody used the blade to cut them while swimming past them.[3] The blade was broken by Luffy during their clash in the ocean.[4]

Translation and Dub Issues

The term "Kirisame" (霧雨 Kirisame?) is usually translated as "drizzle" or "misty rain", with "Kiri" meaning "mist" or "fog", while "same" (a derivative from "ame") meaning "rain"; by replacing the kanji as Kirisame (斬鮫 Kirisame?), "Kiri" meaning "cut", "same" being "shark", thus creating a pun.


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