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Kiruko is a character in One Piece Film: Gold. She is Whitejack's assistant.[1]


Kiruko's concept art from the anime.

Kiruko is a woman with short blonde hair and red lips. She wears a revealing pink nurse's outfit, long black stockings and white shoes, a red bow around her neck, white gloves, and a pink nurse's hat shaped like a heart with the number 4 on it.[1][2]


She seems to be obedient, as she acted on Whitejack's cue right away. Just like Whitejack, Kiruko seems to be in favor of playing dirty, as she readily cheated to get rid of the other participants of the race. She also has a sarcastic side, apologizing to other participants before making them skid off the road.

Abilities and Powers


Kiruko wields a giant hypodermic needle. She uses it to spray a green substance on the track, which causes other cars to lose their grip on the track and skid.[2]


Four Emperors Saga

One Piece Film: Gold

Kiruko and Whitejack entered the Turtle Car Race in Gran Tesoro, and when the two cars in front of them crashed, they took the lead. When the Straw Hat Pirates' car drew closer to them, Kiruko shot out a liquid from her giant needle that caused their car to skid and stop. However, Kent Beef Jr.'s car then came and slammed Whitejack and Kiruko's car off the track, eliminating them.[2]


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