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Kitetsu[2] is a school of swordsmiths from Wano Country who crafted the Kitetsu sword series.

Known Work

The Kitetsu swordsmiths are very skilled, having forged some of the most powerful swords in the world. Each of their blades are cursed, and are said to eventually kill their wielder. Because of this, it was said that no one would use any Kitetsu sword in recent times. Some people were even paranoid that if someone would sell a Kitetsu sword and the curse killed the new wielder, it would come back to the seller. However, a person's luck can overcome the blade's curse, a feat that is considered extremely rare. As demonstrated by Zoro, his luck overcame the blade's curse. The shopkeeper was so impressed that he gave his family's heirloom to Zoro for free.[1]

Each of the swords were made by different generations of swordsmiths. With every generation, the swords made were weaker than their predecessors.


  • Kitetsu literally means "Demon-Splitter".
  • Both Nidai Kitetsu and Sandai Kitetsu have a rounded cross pattée tsuba.
  • The Kitetsu swords are not the only cursed swords in the world, which was first revealed when Law's sword, Kikoku, was revealed to be a cursed sword. These are the only cursed swords shown thus far.
  • Kitetsu could be a reference to Sengo Muramasa, whose swords were all stated to be cursed and believed to hunger for blood, inciting their warrior to commit murder or suicide.


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