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For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 235.

The Knock Up Stream is a powerful pressurized water stream that shoots upwards to the sky from the bottom. The Knock Up Stream is created by a giant underwater cave filled with gas. At some point in time, the gas pressure is too big and creates a crack in the ceiling, then a giant whirlpool is created from the crack. Once most of the gas gets free, the seabed explodes, sending a giant stream upwards. This event happens only 5 times a month.[1] The strength of each particular event varies dramatically.


So far, the Knock Up Stream has made two appearances:

  1. When a part of Jaya was shot up to the White-White Sea near Angel Island.
  2. When the Straw Hat Pirates used it to travel to the White Sea.[2]


  • Similar natural events do occur in nature like the Knock up Stream and it is likely the event was based on a combination of these natural events. The likenesses include examples such as limnic eruptions, which are the result of a sudden release of carbon dioxide gas from the depth of deep lakes that have failed to cycle their water and geysers, which are fountain-like gushing streams of water caused by extreme heat and pressure.
  • In Greek mythology, the monster Charybdis can be compared the Knock Up Stream. It swallows sailors in whirlpools and shoots them into the air in the same manner as the Knock Up Stream.
  • The Knock Up Stream is not the only method to Skypiea, however, it is the only "all or nothing" method. As described by Gan Fall in Chapter 238, as a result of its gamble, most crews traveling to the Sky Island take more favorable gamble routes to the island.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 25 Chapter 229 and Episode 149, Cricket explaining about the Knock Up Stream.
  2. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 25 Chapter 236 and Episode 152, the Knock Up Stream sends the Straw Hat Pirates towards Skypiea.
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