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Ko the Landslide[2] is the leader of the Laotour Bandits. He is a major ally of the Straw Hat Pirates in the game One Piece: Great Hidden Treasure of the Nanatsu Islands.[1]


A closeup of Ko.

Ko is a tall, tanned old man with a large nose, a predominant lower lip, short white hair, and a white beard and mustache. He wears a blue, fur-lined sleeveless shirt, black slacks, brown boots, a neckerchief, and a blue bandana with a jolly roger on it. He also carries a large axe at his waist.


Ko at first seems fairly stern, but he is quite gentle and kind to his allies. He has a habit of falling asleep in the middle of a conversation. He also has a habit of randomly yelling.



Though Hei and Ko work together, they are often found arguing with each other. Ko also seems to have somewhat of a lack of respect for Hei, which causes many arguments.

Monkey D. Luffy

Ko originally thought Luffy was a brat and was bothered by the young pirate. He quickly gained respect with Luffy after a short conversation and seemed greatly concerned for the young pirate when his friend, Vivi, was kidnapped. When the pirate needed help fixing his ship, Ko gladly accepted.

Abilities and Powers

Due to his tall stature and built appearance, Ko is likely fairly strong. He hasn't been seen fighting, so his exact abilities are difficult to measure.


Ko has been seen carrying around a large axe, but it is unknown how skilled he is in using it due to the fact that he hasn't been seen using it.



When Ko was young rookie bandit, he caused an accident that injured a young boy named Simon. In order to save the boy's life, Ko fed him the Pasa Pasa no Mi.

Great Hidden Treasure of the Nanatsu Islands

When Hei brought the Straw Hat Pirates to their hideout, Ko was asleep in his room on the couch, snoring very loudly. When Hei and the crew entered, he awoke and began arguing with Hei. He fell asleep again and awoke to have a conversation with the Straw Hats as well as another argument with Hei before leaving the room.

Later, after the Straw Hat Pitates fixed their broken ship, Ko spoke with Luffy about the large number of birds that flew over the hideout. After Din kidnapped Vivi, Ko rushed into the room, demanding to know what happened. Luffy shouted at him and left the old man at a loss for words. Luffy and Usopp left him in to room to have a few words to himself.

The Straw Hats returned to Ko's hideout after their ship was damaged by Gad and asked Ko and his gang for help, which he accepted.


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