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Dr. Kobato is a pediatrician at G-8.[1] She is the daughter of Mekao.

She becomes an ally of Straw Hat Pirates during the G-8 Arc.


Kobato's full appearance.

Kobato is a woman of average height with purple hair and round glasses. She wears a white Doctor coat, over a red jumper.[1]


She often takes a long time to realize or notice things, such as the fact that Chopper could transform, and tends to scream very loudly. She also placed a lot of faith in others as she was nervous and had hemophobia (fear of blood).


Straw Hats

When injured Marines were to be in need of being treated, she trusted Chopper and Nami to help her.[2] She later helped them escape G-8, as a thanks for helping her.

Abilities and Powers

As a doctor, Kobato has access to various medicines and knows how to perform surgery. She is also a skilled Pediatrician. She can also scream extremely loud, which can, at least for a second, stun the people around her.


Throughout the events of the G-8 Arc, all of the other doctors are gone, making it so that she has to handle the trauma patients.

She had always suffered from hemophobia. However, with the help of Tony Tony Chopper and Nami she gets over this problem and later helps the Straw Hat Pirates escape the base by acting as their hostage.[3]


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