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The Kogatana is one of Dracule Mihawk's weapons. It is a knife pendant shaped like a cross that is worn on his neck.


Mihawk says he uses this weapon only to defeat weak opponents, and is the smallest known blade he has. Mihawk uses it as more of an accessory than a weapon. Though it appears to have no real value, in the hands of Mihawk, it was able to defeat Zoro with the slightest bit of pressure, and was able to stab close to his heart.[1] Otherwise, it is just an ordinary knife, so bland and small that Mihawk enjoys demonstrating his skill with it. He has also been shown using it as an eating utensil.[2]

  • Kogatana Hitotsuki (小刀一突 Kogatana Hitotsuki?, literally meaning "Small Knife Single Thrust"): Mihawk's one named attack with this blade, which came from the games Unlimited Adventure and Gigant Battle, he stabs the opponent with the pocket knife. It was first seen used against Zoro, who got stabbed near the heart.


  • In the 4Kids dub, the kogatana's cross-shaped sheath was edited out.
  • Although its name was never revealed in the manga, anime, or databooks, every game where this weapon appears calls it the "kogatana", making the name non-canon.
  • In One Piece: Pirate Warriors and its sequels, the kogatana resembles a miniature version of Yoru.

"Yoruko" and "Omakeko".

  • In SBS Volume 95, Oda drew Yoru and the kogatana personified as humans. The kogatana took the form of a young girl called "Omakeko", resembling a younger version of "Yoruko".


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