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"Winter Cuisine" Komakkov is a chef under the employment of the Marines as one of its Four Head Chefs.[1]


Komakkov appears to be a portly, wrinkled, middle-aged man with a prominent nose and chin, as well as long, wavy black hair. He wears a relatively small chef's hat and a pair of dark-lensed goggles.


Not much is known about Komakkov's personality.

Abilities and Powers[]

Komakkov is one of the four elite chefs within the employment of the Marines, so he is likely considered a very talented cook. As further acknowledgment of his skills, he was trusted with cooking for Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, during his escort trip to Egghead.[1]


Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

When St. Saturn and Admiral Kizaru traveled to Egghead, Komakkov accompanied them as their chef. On their travels, he made ramen for the Marines.[1][2]


  • His name may be based on the Japanese for "pygmy sperm whale" (コマッコウ, komakkou?), which follows the pattern of other Marine officials being named after animals.


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