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Koni Boakeno is the vice-captain of Artur Bacca's pirate crew. He is the secondary antagonist of One Piece novel Law.[1]


Koni Boakeno is described to be a very large person, over 2 meters tall. He has the built of a sumo wrestler and wears a mawashi. He keeps his hair in a hair bun, and is described as being very muscular.[1]


Boakeno is a cruel person, having no issue fighting and killing children. He can be described as slightly battle-crazed, always looking for a good fight, but he will back down when told to from his captain.[1]


Artur Bacca

Boakeno works under Bacca, and seems to respect his authority. He listens to everything Bacca says without hesitation.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Boakeno is a trained sumo fighter, and uses his size combined with his sumo techniques to crush his enemies. He takes out most enemies in one or two attacks, and is shocked when people can withstand him for any longer than that.[2]



Shortly before the events of One Piece novel Law, Boakeno went to the Grand Line and Bacca and his crew. Half the crew was killed, and they barely managed to escape back to the North Blue, deciding to raid Swallow Island and steal Captain Ladoga's treasure.[1]

One Piece novel Law

Boakeno was present during the initial attack on Pleasure Town, but didn't really participate.[1]

When the Heart Pirates attacked the Temple of the Sea God, he fought Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin, remarking that they had good training and combat prowess. He nearly took out Bepo at the beginning of the fight, but broke part of the roof, allowing the Mink to transform into his Sulong form and get the better of him.[2]

Major Battles



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