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For the Movie 6 character of the same name, see Kotetsu (Non-Canon).

Kotetsu was a swordsmith who crafted the cursed O Wazamono grade sword Nidai Kitetsu. He is the ancestor of Tenguyama Hitetsu.[1]


Kotetsu's appearance is unknown.

Abilities and Powers

Kotetsu is an excellent master swordsmith, having forged the legendary Nidai Kitetsu which is powerful enough to be classified as one of the 21 O Wazamono swords. Through unknown means, he was also able to place curses on his swords, which certain individuals, such as Zoro, can even sense.[1]


Kotetsu lived sometime long ago. Sometime during his life, he crafted the sword Nidai Kitetsu. He also had children that continued his lineage.[1]


  • Kotetsu's name might come from Nagasone Kotetsu, a famous japanese swordsmith from the Edo Period.


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