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The Kumate Tribe is a group of cannibalistic people in East Blue.

Tribe SymbolEdit

Kumate's Symbol

Kumate Tribe Symbol

Their tribal symbol is significant as it represents a bear paw, which is their name's meaning in Japanese, but also serves to resemble three people in a cooking pot, a nod to their cannibalistic ways. In short, the symbol is similar to their homeland's shape, with the exception of the number of claws.


Members of this tribe are all humans, however those that were seen all share one physical characteristic, having visibly similar noses that have the same color and shape. Kumate Tribesmen all style their hair in the same fashion, shaving most of it and tying what's left into a long antenna-like ponytail on the top of their heads and leaving a little hair on the back of their heads. All tribesmen wear the same outfit, consisting of a striped shirt, torn skirts, a grass necklace, a long scarf-like cloth tied around their necks and sandals.

The Kumate Tribe was founded on September 29th. There are between thirty to fifty tribesmen.[2]


Kumate Tribe Digital Colored Manga
Kumate Tribe in the digitally colored chapters.


Kumate Island in the Anime

The island that the tribe resides.

The Kumate Tribe's homeland is on an island within East Blue, and representative of their clan's name, the island itself is shaped like a bear's paw, round in shape with four mountains protruding on the edge in reminiscence of claws. This island made its debut in Chapter 55 (seven chapters before the tribe itself was first introduced) and Episode 47.


The tribe easily defeated the Buggy Pirates when they were under the temporary captaincy of Richie and attempted to eat them.[3]

Buggy, with the help of Alvida, was reunited with his body parts and managed to defeat the Kumate Tribe and save his crew.[4]


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