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The Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli is an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a hybrid and full version of a Rosamygale grauvogeli, an ancient species of spider. It was eaten by Black Maria.[2]


  • Kumo (蜘蛛?) is Japanese for "spider".
  • Rosamygale grauvogeli is a Latin name, meaning "Grauvogel's Rose bird-eating spider".

Strengths and Weaknesses


A user of this Zoan can become a Rosamygale grauvogeli—a heavy-bodied, stout-legged mygalomorph spider from prehistoric times—as well as a human-spider hybrid. Though an actual Rosamygale was quite small in size, the user's transformation will be proportionate to their natural body, which in Black Maria's case exaggerates her spider form's size to dwarf normal humans.[2]

Black Maria producing spider silk from her fingertips.

As the most notable of their spider abilities, the user can create sticky spider silk from their body, called "Hard Gum" (私の糸ハードガム Hādo Gamu?, literally meaning "My Thread") by Black Maria; while real spiders extrude silk from their abdomens, the user of this fruit can produce it from even their fingertips.[3] The silk can be used to build webs and other structures meant for capturing and/or immobilizing targets, including sticky nets that can also be used as a shield.[4] The webs are strong enough to easily keep physically powerful fighters tied up[1][2][5] and, by Black Maria's own reckoning, anyone trapped in them will never be able to get loose. By making the webs into intricate arrays of traps, the user can make it so that, no matter where an enemy steps, they will get captured.[3]

With the webs being highly flammable, they can be used to instantly set the user's surroundings aflame by lighting them up, which Black Maria does by using the human face on her spider body, which curiously enough is capable of spitting out fire from its mouth, though this may be due to additional abilities granted by Black Maria's tampering of her fruits hybrid form via mutation drugs.[6]

Otherwise, this Zoan power can be assumed to notably increase the user's physical abilities, being a carnivorous Ancient Zoan type. Using their spider legs, the user is much more mobile, especially in enclosed spaces, becoming able to walk on walls and upside-down across ceilings;[2] to more securely stick onto and suspend themselves from overhead surfaces, they can also use their webs.[7] The ends of the user's spider legs are furthermore able to secrete poison, making them an effective weapon at close range.[8]


The user's webs will become brittle and easily shattered if they are frozen.[9]

In Black Maria's case, her upper body remaining human seems to leave her at a greater risk of injury than Zoan users who evenly transform their entire body to increase their resilience; this was seen when Black Maria was defeated by Nico Robin, who targeted her upper body specifically to deal a finishing blow.[10]

Aside from that, the user is vulnerable to the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


This fruit's normal "hybrid" form would give its user six black arms, a prominent spider abdomen, and make the upper half of their face more arachnoid, with a pair of large spider eyes. However, the fruit's current user, Black Maria, has tampered with her Human-Beast Form, greatly altering its appearance via use of drugs, similar to what Tony Tony Chopper can do with his Rumble Balls. Instead of her retaining a humanoid shape, with animal alterations over its entirety as usual for Zoans, her upper body remains fully human while her legs are replaced by a whole spider body, causing her transformation to resemble a SMILE user's. The spider body has its own face that is cartoonishly humanlike, complete with human eyes, a toothed, drooling mouth, and a tongue sticking out; the face seems to be alive, able to change expressions and move its mouth. The reason for Black Maria changing her transformation was that the oiran felt her natural hybrid form to be not "beautiful".[11][2][12]

Overall, the abilities that come with Black Maria's altered transformation make it quite versatile by Zoan standards and provide her with several ways in which to maintain a territorial advantage in battle—especially if she has time to prepare. She can use spider webs to cover the battlefield with traps, create defensive barricades, or ensnare opposition directly, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from her using her bladed polearm and knuckledusters. Furthermore, she is able to strike at targets with her poison-tipped spider legs and cover the battlefield in flames using the fire-breathing spider face, setting alight her webs.[13]

Black Maria keeps Sanji captive in one of her web constructs.

In spite of being a competent fighter herself, Black Maria prefers a passive, indirect approach during war times, staying in one place setting up spider net traps and then employing her subordinates to lure her would-be victims to her and incapacitate them after capture.[2] Black Maria also likes to torture those she manages to catch in her webs, usually for her sadistic pleasure.[3]

In direct combat scenarios, Black Maria utilizes her powers in combination with Wanyudo, her flaming polearm, to give herself the territorial advantage in indoor combat, such as using webs to cling herself to the ceiling and then setting the floor on fire with her subordinate-turned-weapon, putting her enemy at a disadvantage in regards to mobility.[7]


Black Maria uses Marianette to catch Robin's giant clone.

  • Marianette (マリアネット Marianetto?): Using her fingers, Black Maria shoots several spider nets toward her enemy to latch onto and restrain them, particularly their limbs. Black Maria was first seen using this technique in her fight against Nico Robin to immobilize the latter's giant, multi-armed clone, catching each of the giant Robin's arms.[8] The technique's name is a pun on "marionette", a type of puppet operated by strings tied to its limbs.
    • Oshizumaria (お静マリア Oshizumaria?, literally meaning "Calming Maria"): After having caught an enemy with her Marianette technique, Black Maria uses those same webs to pull the enemy's arms apart and render them completely defenseless against follow-up attacks. Black Maria was first seen using this technique to make Robin's giant clone vulnerable to a subsequent beating from her with her knuckledusters.[14] The technique's name is a pun on oshizumari (お静まり?), the polite, continuative verb form of shizumaru (meaning "to become quiet"), playing on Black Maria's name. In the VIZ manga, the technique is called Mariapprehend, a pun on "apprehend".


  • Ikidomaria (行き止マリア Ikidomaria?, literally meaning "Dead-End Maria"): Upon producing spider webs from her fingers, Black Maria forms a crisscrossed net formation in front of her, to block incoming attacks and, especially in an indoor passageway, prevent an opponent from coming near her. The technique was first seen being used by Black Maria to protect herself from several giant hands created by Robin.[4] The technique's name is a pun on ikidomari (行き止まり?), meaning "dead end", another play on Black Maria's name. In the VIZ manga, the technique is called Maricade, as a pun on "barricade".


  • Atatamaria (炎上あたたマリア Atatamaria?, literally meaning "Flaming Maria"): Black Maria has the human face on her lower spider half breathe out fire to set ablaze any of her prior-created webs, something possible due to the webs' flammability. First seen in Black Maria's fight against Robin, she used this to kindle her Ikidomaria nets, engulfing the battlefield in flames to prevent Robin from sprouting more of her limbs.[6] The technique's name is a pun on atatamari (温まり?), the continuative verb form of atatamaru (meaning "to warm up"), as another play on Black Maria's name; the kanji for "flaming" would normally be read as enjō (炎上?). The VIZ manga calls the technique Mariarson, a pun on "arson".


Black Maria's Human-Beast form without alterations.

  • In SBS Volume 100, Oda not only explained the reasoning behind Black Maria's unusual Human-Beast look, but also provided a rough illustration of how she would actually look like if the usual Zoan characteristics were obeyed.
  • So far, this is the only Zoan fruit that refers to its represented species through its actual, full scientific name. This is in contrast to even other Ancient Zoans, particularly those of the Ryu Ryu no Mi series, which only utilize the species' genus for identification and thus are incomplete in determining the specimen.
    • It is noteworthy, though, that the Rosamygale grauvogeli is the only known member of the Rosamygale genus.
  • The Rosamygale grauvogeli is the oldest known member of Mygalomorphae, one of the three main divisions of spiders (which includes well-known forms like the modern tarantula). With this spider having lived during the Triassic period (with specimens found from the Middle Triassic, ~247-242 million years ago), this fruit is based on the oldest animal of any Ancient Zoan.
    • The Rosamygale is believed to have caught food by remaining in its habitat and laying webs to trap animals coming near it, rather than going out to actively hunt prey. This resembles Black Maria's behavior shown so far, where she elected to remain in a room in Kaidou's fortress and captured Sanji when he entered it, rather than actively hunting Kaidou's enemies.
    • Despite the exaggerated proportions of the transformation, the real-life Rosamygale grauvogeli was under a centimeter in size, though Maria's own large size may have contributed to her spider form's proportions.
  • This fruit coupled with Black Maria's general character could be a reference to the mythical Jorōgumo, a spider-like yōkai capable of shapeshifting into a beautiful woman in order to lure in and capture unsuspecting men as prey. The fire-breathing ability of the fruit is instead based on the small fire-breathing spiders that accompany the yōkai.
    • This fruit also resembles the popular modern depiction of the monster Arachne, with a humanoid female top half and a spider bottom half.
  • So far among natural Zoans, Black Maria is the only member of the Beasts Pirates who has yet to show her full Beast form.


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