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Kung-Fu Dugong Unison March is an upcoming free-to-play rhythm game developed by Ougi Works and Bandai Namco. The game will be released on Android and iOS in Japan.

This game won the One Piece Game Award as part of a game development competition held for One Piece 1000 Logs.[1][2]


Players move the Dugongs in time with the rhythm. They engage in battle when they encounter enemies, and the player must prevent the Dugongs from taking damage.[2]



The game was developed by Ougi Works' Yoh Nakamori, Tom Ikeda, and Takuma Okubo. The group received 2 million yen as part of the award, with potentially 20 million in further development funding from Bandai Namco.

To create concept art for the game, Ougi Works modeled Kung-Fu Dugongs and other characters out of clay. This was the main factor Bandai Namco cited for granting the Grand Prize.[2]

Image Gallery

Kung-Fu Dugong Unison March Concept Art 1.png
Game concept art.
Kung-Fu Dugong Unison March Concept Art 2.png
Game concept art.


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