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The Kuri Marron Marine was a ship formerly captained by Mont Blanc Cricket.[2]

Ship Design

Not much is known about the Kuri Marron Marine, as only it's back was shown, and from a great distance, however, it is presumably large enough for Cricket's crew to sail on.[1]



Over 22 years ago Cricket and his crew sailed on the ship looking for adventures.[3] 12 years ago, the crew reached Jaya, and Cricket decided to stay to clear his family name, and the rest of the crew left with the ship.[1]


  • This ship's name is a double reference to the Mont Blanc family's chestnut theme, as kuri (?) is the Japanese for chestnut, while marron is the French.
    • Interestingly, marron is often used as a direct loanword in Japanese, especially when referring to chestnuts in the context of desserts (such as the namesake mont blanc).[4]


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