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The Kurosai FR-U IV ("Black Rhino FR-U IV") is one of the newest additions to the Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock, residing in the previously unoccupied Dock 4.[1]


It is a giant black motorcycle with three wheels and the armored head of a rhino. It is very powerful, capable of barreling through multiple enemies, and with sufficient momentum, it managed to topple Big Mom. It has the trademark star on the two back wheels.[1] It is made of Wapometal and can "dock" with the Brachio Tank V to form the Iron Pirate General Franky.[2]


Kurosai FR-U IV Front.png
The Kurosai FR-U IV viewed from the front.
Kurosai FR-U IV Pre-Docking.png
The Kurosai FR-U IV transforms into the arms of General Franky.
Franky and Brook Attack Big Mom and Zeus.png
Franky drives over Big Mom with the Kurosai FR-U IV.


Fish-Man Island Arc

When the New Fish-Man Pirates' Hyper Toxin Squadron tried to poison Nico Robin, Franky drove the motorcycle out to run down the squadron, having immunity from the pricks and poison. A giant fish-man tried to smash Franky and the bike with a giant flail, but was taken down by another new addition to the Soldier Dock, the Brachio Tank V.[1] After both vehicles were caught in a pitfall made by Daruma, Franky took them both over, and "docked" them to form Iron Pirate General Franky.[2]

Wano Country Arc

When the Straw Hat Pirates disembarked on Onigashima during the raid on Kaidou, Franky drove the Kurosai FR-U IV with Brook riding on it.[3] When the two later arrived on the Live Stage, Franky ran over Big Mom's face with the back wheel of the motorcycle.[4]

After Franky freed the Brachio Tank V from Jaki's grasp, he docked both vehicles to form General Franky.[5]


  • The name FR-U means General Franky no Ude (フランキー将軍の腕 Furankī Shōgun no Ude?, literally meaning "General Franky's Arms").


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