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Kurozumi Semimaru was a member of the Kurozumi Family and a major supporter of Kurozumi Orochi.[1][2]


Semimaru's appearance over 41 years ago.

Semimaru was an elderly balding man, with long white hair and a long beard.

Over 41 years ago, during Kurozumi Higurashi's meeting with Orochi, he wore a green kimono with purple diamond patterns.[1]

Twenty-five years ago, after Orochi became the shogun of Wano Country, he wore a light colored kimono with a dark dotted pattern, and a dark haori.[3]


Semimaru was very calm and did not show much of a reaction in crisis, such as when Oden attacked Orochi, as he simply put up a barrier to protect the latter. When he saw Oden humiliate himself on the street of the Flower Capital, he cackled with his family members, enjoying their successes.[3]


Kurozumi Family

Semimaru was loyal to his family, and went along with Higurashi plot to make Orochi the shogun.[1] He was seen laughing with them in triumph after they had forced Kozuki Oden, their rival to the shogunate, to humiliate himself.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Semimaru was a lute priest and was very capable in playing the lute, even when crossing his fingers to use his ability.[1][3]

Devil Fruit

Further information: Bari Bari no Mi

Semimaru ate the Bari Bari no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allowed him to create barriers at will. With this ability, he was able to easily shield Orochi from attacks with an unbreakable barrier.[3]



Over 41 years ago, Semimaru was present when Kurozumi Higurashi explained to Kurozumi Orochi what had happened with his grandfather and the downfall of the Kurozumi Family.[1]

Twenty-five years ago, Semimaru was with Orochi and Higurashi when Kozuki Oden returned and attacked Orochi, and he created a barrier to protect Orochi, rendering Oden unable to remove him from power. Five years later, Semimaru accompanied Orochi and Higurashi to Kuri as Orochi told Oden of his intention to build factories there.[3]

Semimaru eventually died of unknown causes, as the Bari Bari no Mi was reincarnated elsewhere and then eaten by Bartolomeo.[4]


  • Semimaru's name and profession are possibly inspired by the Japanese poet and musician Semimaru.
  • Semimaru (蝉丸?) means 'cicada circle'. The cicada theme is also present in the name of his family member Higurashi.


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