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Kuuigosu is a very buoyant wood, used by coated ships to ascend rapidly from the depths of Fish-Man Island. The speed of the ascent can be altered, depending on how many blocks are dropped.


The wood is first utilized, but not visually seen, when Galdino was seemingly floating in the water-filled Rain Dinners underground meeting hall, with a piece of the wood underneath him, which would prevent him from sinking by his Devil Fruit weakness.[2][3][4]

The kuuigosu was properly seen and explained when the Straw Hat Pirates used it to travel up to the New World.[1]


Mr.3 floating

Mr. 3 floating on a piece of wood.

  • The kana for "Kuuigosu" is backwards for "sugoi uku" (すごい浮く? literally meaning "Floats Unbelievably").
  • In the anime version of where Galdino was on top of water, since the respective SBS had yet to come out, and therefore the wood's existence had yet to be explained and was not properly seen, it was replaced with a table to avoid what seemed to be a contradictory scene.[5]


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