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The Kyoshiro Family is a yakuza group in Wano Country led by the high-ranking money changer in service to the Kurozumi Family, Kyoshiro (who was Denjiro in disguise).[2] After Denjiro revealed his identity as a member of the Nine Red Scabbards, they became enemies of Kurozumi Orochi and the Beasts Pirates during the Fire Festival and pledged themselves to the Kozuki Family and the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.


The Kyoshiro Family appears to make money by controlling business in the Flower Capital of Wano Country. If someone sets up an independent business, the family members will attempt to charge the owner a fee, which they claim will buy the family's protection. If the owner refuses, they will attempt to shut down the business by attacking its workers and destroying its products.[2] Much like real-world yakuza, the Kyoshiro Family appear to swear in their members through the sakazuki ceremony.[3]

The fighting strength of the lower-ranking members is notable with over 200 men at their disposal, as the Flower Capital citizens ran away when they saw that the group was about to get violent.[2] The family's overall strength goes far beyond this, as due to their leader's high standing, the Kyoshiro Family has connections in Wano's government as well as with the Beasts Pirates. Members possess the ability to contact the latter group to send assassins to help them against enemies that are too tough for them to handle themselves.[4]


The gang adopts the kanji 狂 (kyo?) as its crest, symbolizing their boss and namesake.


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According to Denjiro, there are 200 members in total.[5]

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The Kyoshiro Family's ship.

During the raid on Onigashima, they sailed to the island on a large unnamed ship.[5]



The Kyoshiro Family was founded by Denjiro (under the alias Kyoshiro) an unspecified amount of time after the execution of Kozuki Oden. Denjiro, whose face had been altered by the amount of stress that Oden's death caused him, wandered into the capital and was antagonized by a pair of men. Denjiro easily defeated both of them, and they immediately proclaimed that they wanted to follow him. When asked for his name, Denjiro introduced himself as Kyoshiro. From here, the Kyoshiro Family was founded and would quickly rise to prominence in the capital. Eventually, the organization was able to receive an audience with the shogun, who was more than happy to have Kyoshiro work under the Kurozumi Family as a bodyguard and money changer.

Wano Country Arc

Three members of the family, Kaku, Kuni, and Suke, discovered Sanji running a soba stand in the Flower Capital. They attempted to charge him a fee to run the business, but he refused, causing the trio to attack. However, Kuni and Suke were swiftly defeated by Sanji and his crewmate Franky.[2] Kaku ran off and reported this incident to Kyoshiro. Since he had been invited to Kurozumi Orochi's banquet, Kyoshiro was too busy to deal with this himself, so he told Suke to contact Queen to send assassins after Sanji's operation.[4] After Orochi left Kyoshiro in charge of the Flower Capital while the shogun sailed to Onigashima to celebrate the Fire Festival,[6] Kyoshiro freed the imprisoned samurai at Rasetsu Town and gathered at Habu Port with the rest of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance allies after reading Shimotsuki Yasuie's message and joined the fight against the Beasts Pirates.[5]


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